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To: Keolis Downer

Support RTBU Newcastle Bus Drivers

Newcastle bus drivers have ended their industrial action after reaching an in-principle agreement with Keolis Downer.

RTBU was successful in its request for a seven percent increase over two years, effective from November 2022 and November 2023. Drivers will also be back-paid a three percent rise from November 2021.

Keolis Downer needs to stop disrespecting Newcastle bus drivers and accept RTBU's reasonable demands. Essential workers shouldn't have their real wages cut and they should be able to afford to live in the city they work in

Why is this important?

Newcastle bus drivers need your help. Newcastle’s private bus operator, Keolis Downer, doesn’t think these essential workers deserve pay rises that will keep up with the rising cost of living.

Keolis Downer has offered drivers a meagre 10.5% pay increase over four years, despite inflation looking set to hit 7% just by the end of this year. Following a four hour strike on June 3rd, management told workers if they wanted extra pay they could work Sundays.

Newcastle bus drivers just want to have their pay keep up with the cost of living and to be able to afford to live in the city they work in. Yet Keolis Downer refuses to accept RTBU’s very reasonable request of a 7% pay rise over 2 years.

Continuing the fight, drivers went on strike for 24 hours yesterday and have turned off ticketing machines indefinitely.

Now we need your help to support these essential workers.

Sign the petition now to call on Keolis Downer to meet RTBU's demands!

Newcastle NSW, Australia

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