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To: Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, Hon. Steven Ciobo MP, Mr Greg Moriarty, Ms Rebecca Skinner

Support STEM Professionals at the Department of Defence

We call on the Minister for Defence, the Minister for Defence Industry, and leadership of the Department of Defence to support APS STEM professionals by:

1. Removing or changing the Australian government bargaining policy so we can engage in genuine bargaining with real decision makers on APS pay and conditions.

2. Ensuring that professionally qualified and registered engineering and scientific staff are again included in all major decisions.

3. Ensure scientific, engineering and technical tasks are supported by a professionally qualified and capable APS STEM workforce.

Why is this important?

STEM professionals of Defence, are an essential part of the Department of Defence and our work must be respected and valued.

STEM professionals are under increased pressure to deliver, while across the country staffing numbers are cut, funding is slashed and your voice is ignored.

We see the results all around us – project overruns, waste, cost blow outs. At the same time APS wages are stagnating, conditions are reduced, and job security is diminishing.

Reasons for signing

  • If you think it expensive to value and pay STEM professionals a professional wage, imagine what happens when your family's safety is under threat and dependent on thousands of complex Defence technology systems working.


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