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To: Fenner Dunlop

Support Striking Fenner Dunlop Workers!

Congratulations striking Fenner Dunlop workers! Workers have voted 100% in favour of an offer that includes:

- 5% wage increase across the first year, 3% for year 2 and 3% for year three
- Better rights around rostering and reasonable working hours

Well done to all 50 workers who worked hard to achieve this result and stood firm the whole way through a two week strike.

Union power!

Fenner Dunlop must negotiate with their workers NOW to reach a fair agreement—workers should not have to trade off conditions and roster flexibility for a living wage.

Dunlop is a manufacturing site in Footscray. This company makes millions of dollars from the mining industry and could easily provide decent jobs to their workers. It’s time their workers got a fair share of the profit they produce for this company.

Why is this important?

50 Fenner Dunlop workers have been on strike for seven days. Workers are fighting for a base wage that is a LIVING wage, so they don’t have to rely on sporadic overtime to survive.

Their employer expects them to give up roster flexibility and other hard fought for conditions, just to get a decent pay rise. No one should have to work 60 hours a week just to make a living wage.



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