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To: SVITZER Australia

SVITZER Stop Trying to Cut Pay & Conditions of Hero Tug Workers !!

The Maritime Union of Australia, AIMPE & AMOU have been in negotiations for 2 years for a new EBA for the tugboat workers.

Its a disgrace that SVITZER Australia have applied to the Fair Work Commission to Cancel their agreement which would halve their pay.
The tugboat workers have gone out and saved lives this week.

What sort of boss would congratulate the tugboat workers as heroes one day and rob them of their pay and conditions the next? Its un-Australian.

SVITZER Australia need to be called out for the “cancel culture” when it comes to their attack on the wages and conditions of tugboat workers.

Why is this important?

Cancel culture has no place in Industrial Relations. Companies should not be able to cancel agreements made with their workers and their union.




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