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To: MSS Security

Tasmanian airport workers deserve the same as their mainland counterparts

Aviation security officers, who work for MSS Security at Hobart Airport have been campaigning for pay parity with their mainland counterparts for more than a year.

Currently, a security officer at Melbourne Airport receives up to 30 percent more in wages and allowances than an officer doing the exact same job at Hobart Airport.

The workers who keep the airport and our skies safe and secure deserve a wage increase that reflects the importance of the work they do.

Why is this important?

United Workers Union (UWU) members at MSS work in security and screening and have been bargaining with the company since 2022.

MSS, which is wholly owned by an Indian-based firm SIS Ltd, has offered a four percent pay rise to workers this year. This is despite Hobart security officers being on little more than the minimum wage.

Both MSS and Hobart Airport are extremely profitable entities and if they're serious about safety and security they need to show that by offering a more respectful wage increase.

Hobart TAS, Australia

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