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To: Tasmanian Catholic Education Office

Tasmanian Catholic Education Staff deserve better!

This campaign has ended.

To: Tasmanian Catholic Education Office

Get serious!! Get Bargaining!!

Tasmanian Catholic Education workers deserve better!

We deserve an employer prepared to front up to constructive bargaining meetings - and to recognise that bargaining requires a commitment of more than two hours a month.

We deserve a new Agreement which tackles the schools workload crisis and values our work.

We deserve wage and workload parity with our colleagues in government schools, NOT to have our hours and days of work extended as the TCEO has proposed.

TCEO: stop dragging the chain and show us some respect. GET SERIOUS, GET BARGAINING!

Why is this important?

The Agreement containing wages and conditions for teachers and support staff in Tasmanian Catholic Education expired last September. Following detailed member consultation the Independent Education Union sought to commence negotiations with the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office for our next Agreement in November 2021.

Since then? Very little has happened.

After months of delay the TCEO agreed to meet ONCE per month, ONLINE, for a maximum of TWO HOURS. When we offered to fly Melbourne-based members of our bargaining team to meet for detailed in-person negotiations, the TCEO refused on the grounds of COVID-safety, while their own employees in schools across the state continued to turn up in person to their high-contact workplaces every day.

Meanwhile, the TCEO has outright rejected almost every claim made by the IEU, while seeking to reduce existing protections around hours of work.

This is not good enough. It’s time to get serious.


How it will be delivered

We will be delivering this petition to the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office

Tasmania, Australia

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