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To: Members of Parliament and Candidates

Tasmanian Fire Safety

Tasmanian Fire Safety

We call on Members of Parliament and Candidates to sign the Tasmanian Fire Safety Pledge and commit to:
FUND additional crews on the North West Coast in Burnie and Devonport.
FUND an additional Field Officer in each District to support volunteer firefighters.
RETAIN the statutory authority of the State Fire Commission to prevent political interference in the fire service.

Why is this important?

Tasmanians face the highest risk of death in a residential fire in Australia, but Tasmania has one of the lowest funded fire services in Australia, per capita, by the area covered or by risk.

The North West Coast is particularly vulnerable compared to other areas of Tasmania, but there is only a single 24/7 crew in Burnie and Devonport while Hobart and Launceston have multiple 24/7 crews.

Calls to building fires, road crash rescue, technical rescue, and hazardous material incidents require two or more crews to attend.

Volunteers need more support to ensure that they have the training, equipment, and support to safely respond to fire incidents.

The Tasmanian community faces a higher risk from residential fires and bushfires with minimal funding allocated to the fire service.


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See which candidates have signed the pledge here:

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Hundreds of signatures are coming back on paper petitions.

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100 signatures reached

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Jo Siejka, Josh Willie and Sarah Lovell just signed the Tasmanian Fire Safety Pledge.