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To: Mr Godfrey Mantle

Mantle Group: Respect Your Workers

Millionaire businessman Godfrey Mantle owns famous hospo venues Pig N' Whistle, Jimmy's on the Mall, Charming Squire and more.

Mantle Group pays workers under a dodgy 22-year-old 'zombie agreement'. It means workers miss out on bare minimums such as penalty rates, overtime and more.

Brave young workers Henry (pictured) and Alex are calling out their zombie agreement for what it is – a 22 year long rip off. Support their campaign for better wages and conditions!

Why is this important?

We are aware of at least three expired agreements within Mantle Group. Young workers have been speaking out and request Mantle Group agree to:

1. Terminate any expired workplace agreements within the Group; and
2. Recognise and promote the Union in the workplace.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition to Mr Mantle when our campaign escalates.

Brisbane QLD, Australia

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