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To: Malcolm Turnbull

Tell Turnbull to apologise to aged care workers!

Malcolm Turnbull said that if I want a better life, I should get a better job.

He’s putting people down because we’re doing a low paid job. It’s a very important job. You do it for love and I’m proud of my work. Maybe if the government poured more money into it we would get a higher wage.

Turnbull needs to apologise to aged care workers for his comments and give us the respect and recognition we deserve for how important our work is.

Sign to tell Turnbull he needs to respect aged care work and support our sector.

Why is this important?

Malcolm Turnbull has just shown us what he really thinks of aged care workers and the care we give.

We provide quality care to older Australians and help ensure they have dignified lives. It’s hard to imagine what a “better job” could be, but our rate of pay doesn’t reflect that.

Honestly, Malcolm Turnbull’s attitude towards aged care is nothing new. He has already cut funding for aged care by more than a billion dollars, leaving aged care service providers struggling to provide the care our older Australians deserve.

Turnbull has done a massive disservice to aged care workers like myself and the people we care for. The people we care for have done so much for our community and now I feel we’re failing when it’s our turn to care for them.

He claims he values aged care but his words and actions don’t line up. Turnbull needs not only to apologise for his comments, but put his money where his mouth is and increase funding to aged care.

Let’s make it very clear: Turnbull needs to value aged care workers and the people we care for!



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