To: John Rogers, Wilson Security CEO

Tell Wilson to stop ripping off their security guards

My name's Norm Davis, and I've been a security guard for 15 years.

Despite our already low wages, my employer - Wilson Security – has been ripping off our overtime cutting our already low wages even further.
Can you sign and tell Wilson to stop ripping off their guards?

Why is this important?

Most security guards are on really low wages. It's thankless work. The whole industry tends to work on rotating rosters. Four days on, four days off.

A lot of security companies will try to save money by scheduling overtime shifts on a Sunday. But Wilson security have gone a step further - they're picking and choosing when "overtime" shifts occur - so they always avoid paying overtime.

Wilson guards are having their overtime taken from them. That's more than 500 security guards being dudded in the ACT alone.

This is systemic wage theft, from people who really can't afford to lose this money. I'm losing more than three thousand dollars a year - and there are hundreds of people just like me.

Together with my union, United Voice, I've tried, over and over again, to get Wilson security to stop stealing from their employees.

Now, I'm standing up for all the guards and together with my union, I'm taking Wilson Security to the Federal Court. Sign my petition and tell Wilson to stop ripping off their guards.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because my brother in law works for Wilson's and has had to endure this grubby practice for some time now, but is expected to give loyalty in return.
  • I have witnessed first hand How my dad has struggled ,He always dose things by the book despite the harassment he has to endure. He struggled when my mum was unable to work due to stroke yet he had to work more hrs to trie and cover the living expenses without complaining. I'm so proud of his pure guts to make a stand and he always says it's not for him but for everyone of his colleagues,He is passionate about his work and cares about the people he works with.
  • All you wilson managers look at me like I'm a little girl Well did you ever think it'd be ok for me to step into this workplace Always saying employee don't step into the club Well I'm just tryin' to find out why 'cause not getting ripped off is what I love


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