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To: Eeva Leinonen Vice Chancellor at Murdoch University

Think Murdoch Think Shame

Shame Murdoch Shame!

Murdoch senior management is engaged in the shameful act of attempting to axe the university's employment agreement, which would erase wages and conditions of its teaching staff.

-Tell Eeva Leinonen should stop this shameful act.

-Help Murdoch University live up to its founding principles.

Why is this important?

I study at Murdoch University and the actions taken by Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen are shameful. The Vice Chancellor has seen fit to attack the work and pay conditions of the Murdoch University staff, this is especially raw as Murdoch senior officers are taking greater employee benefits and expecting staff to take pay cuts.

This is a shameful act, and as a student of Murdoch University, I stand with the teaching and service staff. I stand with them because learning at an institution that has great employment conditions fosters a learning environment that benefits the students. As a student I also refuse to be part of an institution that so ruthlessly takes an axe to the workers terms and conditions.

Not only is Murdoch's management trying to remove the conditions fought for by their staff, but they have also tried to put a gag order on the union to stop it communicating with its members. This is not a Vice chancellor that negotiates in good faith, this is someone who wants to employ snake tactics in order to gut what makes Murdoch a great university... Its staff!

Murdoch claims it is the university of innovation, but there is nothing innovative about its underhanded tactics.

Think Murdoch, Think Shame!


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