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To: Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor, The University of Sydney

USyd: Stop promoting Charles Waterstreet's jobs to students

USyd: Stop promoting Charles Waterstreet's jobs to students

This week, USyd student Tina Huang wrote in New Matilda about her experiences working for high-profile Sydney criminal barrister, Charles Waterstreet. Tina reports that "he showed me photos of naked women and a video of someone receiving a handjob. He talked about attending sex parties, having many girlfriends and enjoying threesomes. He stated he only hires women under 25 who are “pretty young things.”

This position was advertised by the University of Sydney on CareerHub, and the University regularly advertise positions at his chambers to students.

We are calling on the University of Sydney to commit publicly to stop promoting positions at Waterstreet’s chambers. Given the allegations reported by New Matilda, we believe it is highly unethical for the University to continue advertising these positions to students.

Why is this important?

These allegations follow those launched against Harvey Weinstein in the US by numerous women in the entertainment industry, and the #metoo campaign on social media, which highlights the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault.

For young women in particular, sexualisation, harassment and objectification are all too common. Sexual harassment in the workplace isn't just harmless flirting - it is an issue of fair working conditions.

The Wom*n’s Collective stands with women who have experienced harassment and assault, whether at work, at university, on the street, or in the home.

Reasons for signing

  • Speaking out against sexual harassment is a really difficult thing to do especially in the work place - we should show support and solidarity in any way we can! Employers should know better. The uni should know better.
  • Students should not be marketed to this creep.


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