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Maintain a Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement at UTS.

We, the Professional Staff of the University of Technology Sydney petition the University to overturn the proposal for there to be a Single Staff Agreement. Separate Professional and Academic Staff Agreements have worked well at UTS for over twenty years.
Professional Staff are seeking to maintain Separate Agreements for the following reasons.

- Only Professional Staff should be deciding on conditions and remuneration for Professional Staff.
- Professional Staff have unique priorities and interests.
- Bargaining around a Single Agreement has the potential to cause delays in negotiating and ratifying an agreement.

Why is this important?

A Single Agreement wipes a clear baseline from the current Professional Staff Agreement, effectively forcing a fight to simply include existing conditions which have been stripped through simplification.

Act NOW to show your support for continuing to use separate agreements at UTS.

If a Single Agreement is made in this round of bargaining the prospect of returning to Separate Agreements in the future are slim.

Your signature matters, as does the signature of colleagues you refer to this page. Petitions delivered directly to university managements have worked before to protect staff conditions.

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person

15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

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