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To: WA Members of Parliament

WA Truck Drivers Deserve Better

WA Truck Drivers Deserve Better

The Transport Workers' Union of WA is calling on Government and big business, who use the highways of WA to transport their goods and put profits on their bottom-line, to invest in the maintenance and sustainability of truck bays and amenities.

Truck drivers are asking for:
1. More truck rest areas on WA roads.
2. Parking in these rest areas for multiple trucks and road trains.
3. Truck rest areas should have
a. Separate male and female facilities, with showers and toilets, which are regularly cleaned; and
b. Outdoor rest facilities at truck rest areas, such as benches, and tables for meals.
4. Signage that indicates a “Truck Only Rest Area”, so that they are not taken up by caravans, and by the general public.
5. Emergency communication equipment which could be accessed in an emergency and/or if there is poor mobile telephone coverage. That communication equipment should be powered and be self-sustainable, for example, by way of solar PV with a battery backup.
6. Roadhouses should supply clean showers and toilets at no cost to a truck driver, and also provide food that is healthy.

It is time for a lasting and sustainable change to this very important and vital industry in Australia, which is of great significance to the State of Western Australia.

Why is this important?

Long distance truck drivers in WA are made to endure third world working conditions in Australia in 2020. Truck drivers shouldn't have to squat behind a truck, or in the bush, when they need to go to the toilet, or go several days without having access to clean showers.

It is double standards when the Government is regulating and legislating around fatigue management yet truck drivers have to skip rest breaks because the truck rest area is taken up by holiday makers.

These improvements are not only extremely important for truck drivers’ safety and mental wellbeing but also for the Western Australian economy, and for the future of the transport industry.

Truck drivers should be treated with respect, and afforded the dignity to do their work in appropriate conditions.


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