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To: Australian Industry Group (AIG)

Wake up big business. Hands off our sleepover pay.

Right now, big business is trying to press the snooze button on fair working conditions.

AIG, the big business lobby, want to cut the rights and conditions of social and community services workers who do sleepover shifts by counting sleepover shifts as a “break”.

Tell big business they’re dreaming.

AIG want to introduce unsafe working conditions by allowing businesses to roster workers on either side of a sleepover shift, making sleepover shifts count as a “break” between shifts.

This means workers would lose their penalty rates for working sleepover shifts, and sleepover shifts could be counted as a rest break so employers could roster workers for back-to-back shifts without any proper rest.

Workers could be facing a period of 30 hours or more away from home, without proper rest, breaks, or penalty rates.

Wake up, big business. Sleepover shifts need to be fixed, not taken backwards!

Join ASU members to demand that every worker has:
· the right to safe working conditions: sleepover shifts are work, not breaks. Workers are required to be at work and away from their home,
· proper pay: including penalty rates for working unsociable late-night hours, and
· proper breaks: to ensure workers can rest and recover between shifts.

Big business, if you think sleepover shifts are breaks – you’re dreaming. They must be counted as work, and they must be paid fairly.

Why is this important?

All workers need to be able to rest and recover between working hours. They also have the right to enjoy work-life balance outside of work.

Residential care workers and disability support workers support some of the most vulnerable people in the community and provide essential care and assistance for clients to participate fully in their daily lives.

The ASU, as the union for all social and community sector workers and disability support workers, is behind this campaign to demand that every worker has the right to safe working conditions with fair pay.

We demand that sleepover shifts are respected – workers’ safety and wellbeing is on the line, and clients will pay the price.

Join our campaign to stop big business attacking your pay and safe working conditions.




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