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To: Woolworths

Woolworths: Wage equality now!

Woolworths Wyong members have voted to return to work on Thursday 6 August after the company made the following offer:
- All level 1's and 3's will receive a 11.2% increase over 3 years, which is almost double what was offered before the strike
- All level 2's who have had 6 years service with the company will be made level 3's, meaning their pay will increase by 17.4% over 3 years, which is almost double what was offered before the strike
- An 80:20 ratio will apply of permanents to casuals (including agency casuals) - the best one in the Woolworths supply chain, with nothing offered before strike
- Both Woolworths and agency casuals have the right to convert after 12 months' service, with a fairer, transparent conversion process that favours tenure above other factors.
- Site rates of pay for agency casuals to be put in MOU
- Redundancy cap doubled in the event of site closure - from 40 weeks to 82 weeks
- Union rights and recognition including paid union meetings
- Family and domestic violence leave - 5 paid and 5 unpaid
- Natural disaster leave of 2 days paid after devastating NSW bushfires earlier this year

We are proud of our members for taking the fight to one of the biggest companies in this country and inspiring all workers to not just have to accept whatever scraps are tossed their way in this pandemic, but instead stand up, unite and fight for good wages and conditions, decent jobs and a more equal society.

Workers at the Wyong distribution centre on the Central Coast of NSW are demanding pay parity with workers who do the exact same job, for the same company, less than 2 hours away in Sydney.

Workers at Wyong in Warnervale, NSW, are paid up to 16% less on some levels compared to counterparts working at Sydney based distribution centres.

Workers also want an end to Woolworth’s unsafe pick rates and insecure work which leaves many worrying week to week if they will be able to support their family. Woolworths has been using the unsafe pick rates to discipline workers or as a basis on which to refuse permanent jobs.

Let Woolworths know that the community doesn't support their unfair disparity.

Why is this important?

Woolworths has made mega profits due to the pandemic. Woolworth Wyong warehouse staff have moved more during the pandemic than the last three consecutive record breaking Christmas periods, helping the company achieve record growth.

Now they want to be paid equally to workers in the big city.



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