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To: Scott Morrison

Abolish the ABCC

The ABCC (Australian Building and Construction Commission) is Scott Morrison and the Liberals' attack dog, deliberately set up to harass, intimidate and bully workers and their unions. It makes worksites less safe and puts constructions workers' lives at risk.

Now the ABCC is trying to silence workers and unions by threatening us with massive fines - just for doing our jobs.

Scott Morrison must abolish the ABCC now. Sign the petition if you agree.

Why is this important?

The ABCC worsens safety and fatalities on construction sites. Last time the ABCC was in place under the Howard government, more than 330 workers were killed on the job.

Workers rights', wages and conditions are under attack from the ABCC. For example - the ABCC has extraordinary powers to deny workers the right to silence. If workers refuse to comply, they could be sent to jail. Now the ABCC is taking further steps to scare workers, threatening to prosecute workers for attending political rallies. Workers and union officials are facing massive individual fines of tens of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, millions of dollars of taxpayer money are going towards the ABCC and the Liberals' anti-worker, anti-union agenda. Make no mistake - the Liberals are using the construction industry as a test for the ABCC, and want to use it as a model for other industries.

We need to fight back against the ABCC - sign the petition now!


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