• Fair Pay for Fitness Workers!
    Some of us have been paid the same rate of $42.50 per class for 15 years service in the brand. While fees for club members and company profits go up, our pay remains the same. Cost of living is at an all-time high and we are struggling to make ends meet. GFIs are educators, community leaders and athletes who are deeply passionate about the work they do. It is time FLG recognised this and commits to a wage structure that is fair and sustainable. Union members are asking their community to stand with them and sign and share this petition.
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  • Greater than fear in Dunkley
    By joining together as Australians - locally born or newly arrived - we can demand that politicians clean up their act, and campaign on the real issues we care about. Send Peter Dutton a message. Let him know that disinformation, fear campaigns and race-baiting won't win votes in our community. Use this form to send an email to Peter Dutton's Parliamentary email address.
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  • HungryPanda stop punishing your workers!
    HungryPanda is punishing Zhuoying for speaking up about delivery rider conditions. Now she is unable to afford rent and is relying on food from her housemates. The company thought punishing Zhuoying would silence her - they were wrong. Zhuoying is determined to continue the fight for herself and other workers in the gig economy. Undeterred by HungryPanda's relaliation, she continues to organise and plans to protest in the coming weeks. We can't let HungryPanda's patterns of exploiting riders continue.
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  • Student Public Transport Equity
    There are currently some misconceptions which surround how part-time and online student study. People choose to study online for a number of reasons but common reasons include; distance from campus, care responsibilities, looking after young kids, mental health barriers (e.g. severe anxiety), having access requirements because they are living with a disability and a range of other reasons. With the new University Accord just around the corner, the majority of the Federal Government's proposed suburban study hubs are in low-SES areas where many of the abovementioned barriers to education present a real challenge to students coming onto campus. This concession would largely affect these low-SES students and allow them to access such study hubs. Just because someone studies online does not mean they don’t leave the house, oftentimes these students will seek out study hubs, local libraries and other places with strong wifi, IT equipment and quiet spaces away from home. Unfairness also occurs where some students struggle and drop from a full-time to part-time load. This means they are no longer eligible for public transport concessions and must suffer as a result of taking a practical step to improve their grades and look after their mental and physical health. The public transport concession system should give concessions to all who forgo employment and income to seek a university education. We need a fairer public transport concession system for all students.
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  • No Northrop Grumman at ANU
    Northorp Grumman has close ties with the Israeli military, supplying it with a plethora of weapons, including various missile systems, and key components for its fighter jets, missile ships, and trainer aircraft. Notably Northrop Grumman supplies Israel with key components of the F-35 fighter jet, which are currently being used to brutally massacre Palestinians. Education is meant to better the world, not destroy it, and it is absolutely unconscionable for higher education institutions to work with any weapons companies, let alone Northrop Gurmman, who is deeply complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.
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  • Save Our Sleeper Trains
    The former Coalition State Government excluded sleeper carriages from the new Regional Rail Fleet - which will replace the ageing XPT, Endeavor and Xplorer train sets. This means sleeper compartments will no longer be available on overnight train services between Melbourne and Sydney, and Sydney and Brisbane, once the current trains are retired. Sleeper carriages: • perform a vital transport role for people in regional areas, enabling comfortable and affordable low-emission travel for people who cannot drive or access commercial aviation; • contribute to regional tourism by offering niche travel experience; and • are essential for staff working on overnight trains. Let's save our sleepers and keep our regional rail services on track!
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  • Warning labels for Sky News
    Research into Sky Australia consistently shows that it's a global player in misinformation including conspiracy theories about covid, anti-transgender fearmongering, and climate denial. Murdoch-owned Sky exists to undermine trust in public institutions and spread American-style conspiracies and ideologies in Australia. Sky's disregard for basic journalistic standards make it a toxic hazard, and its content should be labelled as such.
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    Created by Edwina Byrne
  • Stuff your International Women's Day Cupcakes
    This International Women's Day, we demand action from Corporate Australia: * Disclose whether human resources and management have received training in implementing the new universal entitlement to paid family violence leave * Pledge to stop using "non-disclosure agreements" that silence women who experience workplace sexual harassment. Stop covering-up workplace hazards! * Close the superannuation gap by paying super on parental leave so we can have safe and dignified retirements! * Open your books and publish your gender wage gap data. Show us what your gender pay gap really is and fix it. * Commit to secure jobs, improved flexible work and working-from-home policies that support women workers who shoulder caring responsibilities * Back programs that support women from historically marginalised and excluded communities get into good work * Respect us and be transparent about the reproductive health leave you offer staff * Support your workers to attend International Women's Day rallies around Australia!
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  • End the failed privatisation of NSW Government cleaning services
    • Cleaners live in every corner of the state – cleaning over 2000 public schools, TAFE campuses and thousands of other government buildings • They are paid fractionally more than the minimum wage • Cleaners' excessive workloads can equate to as little as 43 seconds to complete each of the hundreds of tasks they are required to each shift • School cleaners have one highest workers compensation premiums in the state! Keeping our class rooms clean shouldn’t be a dangerous job! • NSW tax-payers are expected to pay the contractors more than half-a-billion dollars in 2024. Every dollar from this that goes towards CEO bonuses, share buy-backs and shareholders’ profits, is a dollar that isn’t going into a cleaners pocket. • 2024 marks thirty years since the NSW Government outsourced the cleaning of schools and government buildings. Cleaners can’t continue to wait for safe and secure jobs. All workers deserve a fair wage and to go home in one piece. The best way to ensure this is by bringing school cleaners back in house once again.
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  • Zim shipping out of our ports
    ZIM is the oldest and largest shipping company in Israel. The company played an integral role in the colonisation of Palestine. Since then, it has remained central to the operations of Israel’s war machine by transporting weapons for the Israeli military. As part of the global upsurge of protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people, trade unionists and Free Palestine campaigners here in Australia and across the world have targeted ZIM shipping. These actions build on years of activism in port cities, including actions taken against ZIM in solidarity with calls by Palestinian civil society for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. ZIM is one of the most prominent Israeli businesses operating in Australia, running commercial cargo operations that visit major Australian ports. Stopping ZIM’s operations here would send a powerful message that Israel can not act with impunity. ------------------------ Initial signatories: David Glanz MEAA Melbourne/Naarm Tami Gadir NTEU (RMIT Branch) Naarm/Melbourne Lu MEAA Brunswick East Remy Bravery NTEU UniMelb branch Melbourne Ella Ryan ASU Melbourne Margaret McKenzie ASU Melbourne Max Smith ASU Delegate, Victorian Private Sector branch committee Melbourne, Victoria Tihtina Merid HACSU Victoria Ada Castle ASU Pascoe vale Shehzi Yusaf HSU Westmead Louise Dillon UWU WA Damian Dillon Professionals Australia WA Elham TAWFIQ Non Victoria Todd Morley Nteu Rivervale Yasi ASU Melbourne Rory Mullan National Tertiary Education Union Melbourne Elliot Dolan-Evans NTEU Melbourne Asmaa Anzar SDA WA Reed O'Loughlin HACSU Melbourne Wanjiku Mirie ANMF Ivanhoe, Vic Aryaa ANMF Naarm Hana NSWNMA Sydney Andrea Bortoli VAHPA Naarm/Melbourne Kendra Keller ASU Kulin Country Felix Clayton VAHPA Melbourne Jacqueline Kriz ANMF Geelong Hal Leigh United Workers Union Naarm Lee Baillie HACSU Naarm John abetz United workers union/ CPSU Hobart, Tasmania Zachary Doneu ANMF Victoria A HACSU Reservoir Liam UWU Victoria Rosalia Miller Australian Services Union nipaluna Scoutt Wintet ASU Nipaluna/Hobart Kelly Circosta QNMU Conondale Adrienne Harvey NTEU Brunswick Lachlan Marshall ASU Delegate Melbourne Kate Stodart NTEU Naarm/Melbourne Matt NTEU Melbourne Damian Anmf Melbourne Ruth Ellis SSTUWA/AEU Perth Brooke Williams ASU Melbourne Dara Campbell Health and Community Services Union Tasmania Nipaluna/Hobart, Lutruwita/Tasmania Mietta Van Dam ANMF Melbourne, VIC Yashna Seethiah NTEU VIC Laresa Kosloff NTEU Williamstown Corey Community services (cant remember name) Tasmania Frankie No Burnie Alexandra Nemaric AEU Point Leo Aiden Stalker Health and Community Services Union Tas Hobart Mark West HSU Brisbane Kisten McCandless Australian Services Union - Private Sector Branch Mount Waverley Leya Reid MEAA Sydney Milo Pace HACSU Naarm, Melbourne Erica VAHPA Ballarat Angela Carr ASU Delegate Geelong Tim gooden CFMEU Geelong Brenden CFMEU Geelong Zeta Henderson ANMF and AEU Geelong Nicole Toupin United Workers Union Workplace Delegate Naarm/Melbourne Adam M CPSU Canberra Cyn HACSU Vic Rufaro George Kanjere ASU, MEAA Melbourne Ross Smith MUA Geelong Nathalie Braunsberger SU Nipaluna Hobert
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  • Let's get a bin for Storey Rd Reserve, Reservoir 3073
    Storey Road Reserve is a gathering place for a diverse range of community members including; older people, local children and families, couples and singles who all rely on the park for active movement, greenspace and social connection. It's also a pocket of habitat for local wildlife in a built-up suburb. We face a public health and environmental threat due to the absence of public bins. It has led to an alarming increase in the improper disposal of waste, particularly bags of dog excrement. This situation detracts from our park's ability to be a calming green and clean space and poses a health risk. The presence of dog waste is not just unsightly; it’s a source of contamination and potential spread of diseases, which could particularly affect the young children who play in the park and community members who are immunocompromised or elderly. In addition littering of sharp waste has been observed which could cause injury and illness. Plastic waste is often dumped and this causes death and injury to local wildlife. In the interest of public health, environmental cleanliness, and community well-being, we urge the Darebin Council to install public bins in Storey Road Reserve in the next budget. We believe installing bins will encourage responsible waste disposal, thus preserving the park's hygiene, amenity and improving social behaviour. It also aligns with our community's environmental stewardship and public health values.
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  • Turn Alpine Rainbow
    An LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee provides an important way to hear the voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and asexual (LGBTIQA+) people who live, study, work and recreate in Alpine Shire. We want to show Alpine Shire Council that residents and supporters expect them to support our LGBTIQA+ community. We need you to support the LGBTIQA+ community and sign the petition for Alpine Shire Council to establish an LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee.
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