• Broadspectrum: Come clean on conditions and treat cleaners with respect.
    Broadspectrum - a company who has repeatedly shown disrespect to the cleaners they employ in NSW schools - have targeted school cleaners with requests to take on dangerous coronavirus related cleaning work in Japan. Marketed to low-income cleaners as "a really great opportunity" to "earn good money", the requests have come via site-visits from supervisors and SMS messages sent directly to school cleaners employed by Broadspectrum. The SMS sent to cleaners reads: "A really great opportunity has arrived. Would you like to earn some good money … all you need is a valid passport to go to Japan and clean for 6 days." But Broadspectrum supervisors have not informed cleaners about the safety measures that will be put in place, if they would receive specialist training or equipment, where they would stay, or how much they would be paid. They haven't even told cleaners what will happen with quarantine. While the SMS advertise the work as "6 days" of cleaning, Broadspectrum are not telling workers the full story about how long they may really be away for. Lyndal Ryan, United Workers Union director of property services says, “Broadspectrum sees cleaners as disposable. The information provided is unbelievably scant for the huge expectation that some of the workforce will put up their hands for one of the most perilous cleaning jobs in the world at the moment. We are very concerned with this targeting of cleaners employed in schools. Our members have specific skills and knowledge in cleaning the state’s education facilities, not in cleaning during an extreme public health crisis in another country. We are also concerned that Broadspectrum are not across the current upgraded Australian Government warnings on travel to Japan." A school cleaner has told United Workers Union, “I was told at work that all supervisors were sent an email asking around if cleaners wanted to go to Japan to clean a ship and the supervisor named the Diamond Princess. “I said, are you serious? What compensation do you get if you die? “I can’t believe that the company is putting our cleaners at risk. This is a virus that can kill people.” Company directors should be held accountable for the way company workers are treated, and that's why we're targeting this petition at the "Executive Team" of Ventia, the company who owns Broadspectrum. Sign our petition today to remind Ventia's Executive Team that they are responsible for making sure Broadspectrum treat cleaners with the respect they deserve.
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  • Early childhood educators deserve respect and a fair wage
    I’ve seen too many colleagues leave because of the low pay and limited career progression. It’s not fair on the children who deserve high quality kindergarten education with experienced educators who can afford to build long term careers. Premier Andrews has committed to providing kindergarten to every Victorian three year old by 2022. To do this our kindergartens will need thousands of extra educators and keep the ones we’ve got. But the promise to every three-year-old will not be kept if we can’t attract new colleagues because of low pay. If you value the work of educators, we need you to please give us your support.
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    Created by Sara, early childhood educator
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work.
    Swinburne University's 'Student Life' staff are currently bargaining their Enterprise Agreement. 'Student Life' staff are the backbone of University culture, developing and conducting student social activities on campus. Yet staff employed by 'Student Life' are paid much less than their colleagues who are employed by Swinburne University. Is this pay gap fair? The University thinks that this is OK. NTEU members don't think so. Help 'Student Life' staff to achieve salary justice during Enterprise Bargaining by signing our petition.
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  • Melissa Horne - Out of touch and out of her depth
    The Minister for Public Transport is out of touch and out of her depth. Her comments have angered the hardworking women and men who keep Melbourne's network running and her lack of action has led Victoria into a transport crisis. RTBU members do not support politicians who don’t support us, nor do we support politicians who are dismissive of workers and our rights. We are calling upon workers EVERYWHERE to unite in solidarity by signing this petition to call for a public apology from Minister Melissa Horne, along with her resignation as Public Transport Minister.
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    Created by Kathryn Breakwell - RTBU Women's Officer Picture
  • Help save CEO Kiersten Fishburn's job at Liverpool City Council
    During her time leading Liverpool Council we have seen: 1. A period of industrial harmony 2. Re-establishing the Customer Experience team under Council Management 3. Re-negotiation of the 36 Hour Week 4. Managed growth and innovation across the city. Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page.
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  • Help us protect childcare services at Georges River Council
    It's important because we want childcare services to continue to be operated by council. Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page. By signing this petition, we are calling on Council Management and Councillors to continue to provide the vital community services.
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  • Tell UTAS to Properly Fund the TUU
    The Tasmanian University Union is a core part of student life at UTAS. The TUU runs student initiatives, events, provides leadership opportunities, advocates for students on campus and is an employer to many staff who work tirelessly for students. In 2019, UTAS slashed funding of the TUU to $430,000, down from $900,000 in 2018. This is a whopping 52% funding cut. This massive cut to TUU funding comes just 12 months out from the funding agreement end between UTAS and the TUU. It is clear that UTAS is using this cut as a steppingstone to cease funding the TUU and thus close down the student union. The TUU is negotiating a particularly difficult time as it undergoes a transformative program, experience revenue loss from the closure of the Co-Op Bookstore, and suffers the cuts imposed on it by the university. TUU staff redundancies were being considered as part of the transformation program, but with these cuts, the redundancies go from being potential to inevitable. To protect students, to protect workers, and to ensure that the TUU can keep serving students and providing student community culture on campus we, as students of the University of Tasmania, are calling upon the Vice-Chancellor Rufus Black and UTAS to reinstate full funding of the TUU to 2018 levels and to commit to funding the student union past 2021.
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  • Keep St Bede's in Public Hands
    This petition is an online version of the paper petition which parents are using to collect signatures at the school gates. Please don't sign both the online version and the paper one!
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    Created by Redbridge Against Academisation
  • Remove Sticky Fingers from the Hottest 100
    Triple J has already made the decision to not play Sticky Fingers after it was widely reported that the lead singer racially and sexually harassed an Indigenous woman musician. The lead singer later tried to justify his behaviour saying "boys will be boys". Platforming this band is unacceptable. They should be removed from the suggested voting options and banned from the final countdown.
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    Created by Tiarne & Moira
  • Channel Nine: cancel Pauline Hanson Now
    Because Pauline Hanson’s rhetoric is dangerous -- it inflames and radicalises those who seek to do violence to others. It emboldens far right extremists. Many recent perpetrators of mass shootings in the US have closely echoed the kinds of racist, inflammatory comments broadcast on Fox News and other parts of the media. Let’s stop our media from becoming a platform for hate. Sign the petition to Channel Nine now.
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  • WA Truck Drivers Deserve Better
    Long distance truck drivers in WA are made to endure third world working conditions in Australia in 2020. Truck drivers shouldn't have to squat behind a truck, or in the bush, when they need to go to the toilet, or go several days without having access to clean showers. It is double standards when the Government is regulating and legislating around fatigue management yet truck drivers have to skip rest breaks because the truck rest area is taken up by holiday makers. These improvements are not only extremely important for truck drivers’ safety and mental wellbeing but also for the Western Australian economy, and for the future of the transport industry. Truck drivers should be treated with respect, and afforded the dignity to do their work in appropriate conditions.
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  • We need a proper health response
    The ban prevents temporary migrants who have recently been in China from travelling to Australia. This approach is not backed by the World Health Organisation. The Coronavirus doesn't know your visa status. We need a proper health response. This ban discriminates against international students and workers on temporary visas who can't return to their communities. Many of those affected have lived in Australia for years and call this country home. Temporary migrant workers are more likely to be in insecure work, have less access to paid leave and there has been no consideration of the hardship this ban will create. People stand to lose their jobs, their ability to pay for rent and there will be ongoing impacts on visa eligibility into the future. The Migrant Workers Centre supports all temporary visa holders and will offer assistance to those whose employment has been impacted. Sign up here to call on Scott Morrison to end the ban 近日,澳洲政府决议禁止所有非澳洲籍公民及持永久居民签证者,並且有中国大陆旅游史的旅客入境。这措舉并不符合日前世界卫生组织針對新型冠狀病毒所發布的规章。新型冠状病毒并不认得个人是持有 何種簽證。我们要的是更严谨的防疫措施。 澳洲政府此項规定,不僅是政策歧视國際學生,更让所有持证短期签证的劳动者,无法返回工作职位。 很多无辜受遭殃的旅客都居住在澳洲很多年,他们也称澳洲为他们的家。多数短期移工签证者在澳洲,工作都极为不稳定,都沒有休假給付;这个政策的祭出,完全没有考虑到这一群签证持有人的难处。他们极有可能失掉工作,未来可能面临付不出房租的窘境;甚或是对签证资格造成影响。 所有的外籍人士短期移工签证者,若因依該政策导致工作权利受到影响,移工中心将会进行协助。 请支持该份连署要求斯科特·莫里森下架禁飞令。
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