• Fund Our Buses To Fix Our Buses
    Every worker should have their skills and labour recognised through decent pay. Metro mechanics have been severely underpaid for years, are receiving less training, and are quitting due to poor working conditions. That means fewer buses on the road and service cuts that impact people's lives. Premier Rockliff, Transport Minister Ferguson and Metro CEO Katie Cooper must commit to raising wages for Metro mechanics and drivers so that Hobart has the bus service it needs.
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  • I'm voting Yes with Cardwell and Cassowary Coast
    We believe that everyone should have a say in the issues that affect our communities. We know that when we take advice from other people with different perspectives, we can often find better solutions. Australians will all benefit from hearing the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and sharing in First Nations contributions to our national identity.
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    Created by Karin Campbell
  • Exploited Worker Guarantee - Protection Against Cancellation
    Repeated studies have shown that migrant workers are being systemically paid less than their minimum entitlements. There is ample evidence that fear of visa cancellation is one of the key factors that prevents temporary visa-holders from acting on their rights at work, even if they know they are being mistreated. Only by removing the threat of visa cancellation can migrant workers enjoy the same rights and protections as everyone else who works in Australia. As part of its migration review, the Federal Government should introduce a strong, predictable, and clear guarantee that a worker's visa will not be cancelled where the worker has been subjected to workplace exploitation.
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    Created by Migrant Workers Centre
  • Respect Remote Working Autonomy for Staff
    Providing truly flexible work arrangements engenders staff goodwill and loyalty by: a) trusting us to make conscientious, responsible decisions about when it is more productive to work remotely and; b) acknowledging that some of us may find it more productive to work fewer days on campus at different times, for example during school terms, over semester breaks, according to our health status or cultural commitments and/or depending on the type of work we are doing at the time. By enabling less commuting, more flexible remote working options also enhances our sustainability strategy and improves work/life balance. Whereas, the VC’s proposal to work more days from campus than from home contradicts The University’s: • commitment to “support flexible working arrangements where reasonably possible” in the latest EBA (Clause 215) and explicit commitment to “providing flexible working options for all staff”; • aspiration to be an “employer of choice for people with disability”; • commitment to “equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the University”. We, the undersigned University of Sydney employees reject the Vice Chancellor’s “general expectation… that colleagues will spend more of their time on campus than working remotely.” We instead demand that management honours its commitment in the clause 215 of the Enterprise Agreement to allow professional staff to work remotely where “the staff member is able to satisfactorily complete the requirements of the role” and to also trust academic staff to choose when and how often to work on campus, thus ensuring an inclusive, progressive, supportive and productive working environment for all of The University of Sydney’s highly diverse workforce.
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    Created by NTEU Members
  • Out of the Basement! An accessible, safe and visible Queer Space on campus.
    For too long LGBTQIA+ and Gender Diverse Students have been hidden away, given a space with a lack of accessibility and pushed a position of shared sentiment in regards to marginalisation. By not having a location where their community can come together in safety these issues are being perpetuated.
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    Created by La Trobe Student Union
  • Lower the limit for welding fumes now
    Too many Australian workers exposed to welding fumes are suffering from avoidable diseases such as lung cancer, occupational asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, manganese poisoning and deafness – just for doing their job. This includes both people who weld and those who work around welding. Every worker has the right to be safe at work, but we know that most workers affected feel that not enough is being done to reduce their exposure to welding fumes. SafeWork Australia can help change that by immediately lowering the limit for welding fumes exposure – but it's going to take a show of support to make that happen.
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    Created by The AMWU
  • Affordable housing now! Increase tax on vacant properties.
    Renters shouldn't be left at the mercy of landlords gouging them when lease renewal time comes up. The Victorian government must take further steps to ensure tenants aren't subjected to unfair rent increases, and that renters have the power to exercise their tenancy rights. Owning property is not a service to the community and it's not a job. Renters don't owe landlords a profit on their investment - but we are owed reasonable standards for the rent we pay! Landlords must stop treating renters like a cash piñata. We deserve affordable, quality housing.
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    Created by Lilly, Melbourne renter
  • Save teachers' jobs!
    Visiting teachers play a crucial role in supporting students, staff, and families. Cutting many of these roles will directly affect students’ learning and wellbeing. Premier Andrews and Minister Hutchins must stop these cuts and instead invest in teachers and students. Visiting Teachers are highly trained experts who work directly with students with disability and complex needs. They support students who are vision and hearing impaired, have physical disabilities, autism, and health impairments. Visiting teachers also work alongside classroom teachers providing advice and support, and model best practice. In addition, they provide direct support to families so their children can access school and thrive. Premier Andrews - you said that you would not cut frontline jobs but by sacking teachers that is exactly what you and your government are planning to do. By adding your name to the petition together we can tell the Premier and Education Minister to reverse this decision immediately.
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    Created by AEU Victoria
  • Honour the deal
    Angelo Gavrielatos, the President of the NSW Teacher’s Federation stated: “We struck a deal not once, but twice,”. “The teachers of this state have been gutted by what can only be described as an act of betrayal. Never before has a government walked away from a deal in the way that we are experiencing now. Our message is very simple; honour the agreement,” The children of NSW are losing out on their education every day as classes are merged or left with minimal supervision due to a shortage of teachers. NSW can’t retain the teachers it has or attract the teachers it needs while these essential workers remain underpaid and overworked. The NSW Labor Government must come to it’s senses, live up to the promises it’s made workers and honour the deal. Sign the petition to show your support for our teachers and your children’s future.
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    Created by Unions NSW
  • Same Super for Brisbane City Council Casual & Trainee Bus Drivers
    Casual and trainee bus drivers are some of the lowest-paid Council employees and the current superannuation arrangements mean they get less retirement savings than others. They work just as hard as permanent employees and they deserve the same superannuation rates.
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    Created by RTBU QLD Branch
  • Australians for YES!
    We believe that everyone should have a say in the issues that affect our communities. We know that when we take advice from other people with different perspectives, we can often find better solutions. Australians will all benefit from hearing the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and sharing in First Nations contributions to our national identity.
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    Created by Australians for YES!
  • I'm voting Yes with the IEU
    At the IEU, we believe that everyone should have a say in the issues that affect their communities. As unionists we know the importance of being listened to – and that when we listen to those impacted by our decisions, we get better results. That’s why this referendum is Union business. A Yes vote will be a powerful and unifying moment for our country. Proudly pledge your support today!
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    Created by Independent Education Union Victoria Tasmania