• Free Parking for Essential Workers!
    The State Government must take action now to ensure that essential workers are safe, while travelling to work and prevent further spread of this pandemic virus through the workforce. These measures have already been taken by Melbourne City Council who have advised that all parking fees on council property (street parking), will be suspended for hospital workers until 30/04/2020. This measure should be rolled out across the State, as well as be implemented in on-site, hospital-run car parks. While other protective measures remain important, this is a simple, preventative measure that can be taken immediately by Government, to ensure the safety of thousands of Victorians.
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  • Support public health workers
    Public sector workers provide vital services to our communities, and we need them more than ever during this crisis. These workers are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic- and the State Government needs to provide them with genuine support. While implementing special paid leave for workers, the State Government has mandated that any public sector worker who falls ill must use up their existing sick leave before being eligible for special paid leave. This is not good enough. These workers are putting themselves at risk to guarantee our safety. This State Government policy will increase the risk that workers exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 continue working for fear of being left with no sick leave in the future. We cannot ask workers to have to make this choice, nor is it safe for our communities. Sign now to support public sector workers. Sign now to protect public health.
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  • Free parking for hospital staff! #Raisethegates
    I work in a public hospital and have to take public transport during this pandemic due to high parking fee charges. Many of my colleagues are in the same predicament and have to risk exposing themselves to the COVID-19 virus while they battle to provide essential healthcare services.
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  • Support the disability sector during the COVID-19 pandemic
    As the principal funder of disability services, the Federal Government has the responsibility to ensure services continue in a safe way for both people with a disability and the workers who support them. The Federal Government must take action now to ensure that people with disability are able to safely access services. The disability workforce across Australia are amongst those on the front line of this crisis, continuing to provide support and assistance to people with disability. Disability support workers already feel overworked and understaffed. There are also high levels of insecure, casual work in the disability sector. They must be better supported in doing their job and facing this COVID crisis – to ensure their safety and the safety of the people they support.
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  • Support Australia's future, Support postgrads!
    The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) is disappointed that as it currently stands, most domestic postgraduate students will not benefit from the COVID-19 stimulus payments, and they too will suffer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Postgraduate students are struggling with financial hardships and the government needs to address the far-reaching implications that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on domestic and international postgraduate students. Domestic postgraduate students need to be supported financially during this pandemic so they can continue with their studies, which are vital for Australia’s long-term economic growth and research reputation. Australia’s HDR and coursework students deserve better than to fall through the cracks!
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  • Most postgrads are International, Support them as they support Australia!
    CAPA is disappointed that International Postgraduate students are left out of the COVID-19 Stimulus package. Although, we understand that the financial measures are in place to support Australians. But, the government needs to understand that this is a ONCE IN CENTURY kind of situation and everyone is affected equally. Specifically, the students who are far away from their homelands, trusting the universities and the government here amid this crisis. We're not sure about what the future holds for us. But, helping us out in this crisis will not just be ethically good but will be also putting Australia first strategically. It's not the time to decide whether or not any support should be extended but it's the time to take immediate action to bring us out from this situation. Because we are all in this TOGETHER.
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  • Offer Financial Assistance to International Students
    Aside from the massive economic contribution they make to Australia, International Students are part of the fabric of the Australian community. They are students, neighbours, friends and colleagues. Many face the additional barrier of being new to Australia and not being familiar with its language or institutions. It is beyond heartless that government assistance has not already been extended to these people who work hard and contribute so much to this country. It is unacceptable that they are being abandoned in this way. Something must be done. Not in a week or a month, but now.
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  • 6 Ways FUSA is Calling on Flinders University to Provide Greater Support and Clarity for Students
    This is why student unionism is so so important. FUSA Student President Josh has been one of the few lucky student representatives across the country to get a seat at the table during my University's planning and response discussions for Covid-19. We've had some wins but unfortunately my University just isn't doing enough to support students during these unprecedented times. Students right across the country are losing their jobs, being evicted from their homes, or rely on family support that is no longer available. We need to do more, and we can
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  • #RaiseTheDSP NOW – equality for disabled people and carers
    The government cannot be allowed to ignore disabled people in the midst of a global pandemic. When the stimulus announcement was made we were shocked to learn we had been excluded. It exposes that the government just doesn’t get it – what it means for people who are disabled, and why the DSP is different to other payments. It costs more to be disabled. We are workers too, and disabled people and carers are losing income as a result of this crisis. Many disabled people are more vulnerable to COVID19 than other Australians. We face higher costs for specialised supports, healthcare, medication, housing and transport. There are many essential costs that the NDIS does not cover and during the pandemic people’s costs are only going up. The cost of support workers and other specialised services is increasing, some by as much as 10 per cent. NDIS invoice processing times are blowing out. This decision to exclude disabled people and carers exposes the government’s failure to understand our lives and needs. We must not let the government divide us into ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ groups. We must demand that our leaders immediately include the most vulnerable people in our community in the $550 per fortnight coronavirus supplement. We must stand together in the fight for disabled people and carers to be treated equally.
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  • Give Shelley and Karen permanent cleaning roles – for everyone’s safety at TPS!
    The DOJ is putting the health and safety of COs and others in the prison at risk. Cleaning is at the front line of defense amid the Covid-19 crisis. But by keeping our prison cleaners contracted and casual, the Department is neglecting the management of this crucial job and putting lives at risk. Right now, coronavirus is threatening the health and livelihood of people all over the world, and here in Tasmania we are fighting it daily. We know that if coronavirus gets hold in TPS that isolation is not an option. An outbreak in the prison complex will decimate inmates and Officers, and must be prevented at all costs! TPS is trusting a mainland contract cleaning company to have the leadership and know-how to keep you safe! This company employs Shelley and Karen as Casuals. They have no isolation leave like you do ‒ they don’t even have any sick leave. They don’t have access to any of the systems and supports that you do, but they’re expected to keep RPC hygiene and disease free! Shelley and Karen play a vital role in ensuring the prison facilities are sanitised and virus-free. They keep employees and inmates safe. Yet they’re not afforded the respect they deserve such as job security, sick leave and a fair wage. They’re not given appropriate PPE or training in infection control. This puts us all at risk! Giving Shelley and Karen permanent roles can change this! There have been two vacant cleaning positions in the prison complex for over two years that the company has refused to fill. We need to tell TPS there has never been a more important time to employ cleaning staff and support them with the resources and training they need to keep us all safe. We demand that the DOJ directly employ Shelley & Karen immediately, give them access to special COVID-19 leave, and train them in infection control.
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  • The Aged Care Retention Payment must be extended to ALL aged care workers!
    The HSU is a specialist union that covers members working in public hospitals, ambulance, aged care, allied health, private hospitals, imaging, pathology and disability care. The HSU represents approximately 11,000 aged care workers in NSW/ACT/QLD alone and 25,000 aged care workers nationally. For years we've been advocating for aged care workers to be recognised as the skilled professionals that they are and this payment goes some of the way in doing that. But it's not enough. We won't leave any worker behind. All aged care workers in residential aged care facilities are on the frontline- be it the administration staff who are now testing visitors as they enter facilities, or cleaners who are working around the clock to keep residents safe. The HSU has written to the Minister to demand that this payment is extended to all aged care workers - but we need your help!
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  • COVID-19: Time and Trust - Remote Learning Now!
    Our union’s primary concern is that schools cannot currently meet either their legislative Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations or their duty of care to both their employees and students while the school term continues.
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