• Register your support for mural on railway bridge coming into Mordy!
    This mural will be important for recognition of the area and the people and places that shape/d it. It will also create a much lovelier feeling when driving on Nepean Highway and into Mordialloc.
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    Created by Mordialloc Trader Association
  • Free Childcare for All!
    All parents are affected by this issue. Childcare fees are prohibitive for most families; mainly women and deter parents from being able to fulfil their employment needs and further their careers. This is a social equity and quality of life issue.
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    Created by Diana Blyton
  • Safe Space for CaLD UWA Students!
    There is a high population of students from a variety of ethnic, migrant, and linguistic backgrounds who deserve a safe space to feel supported and welcomed in their time at UWA. Currently, UWA has 23,944 students enrolled and of those students, 46% were born outside of Australia and 25% of students spoke languages other than English at home. Experiences of racial discrimination are common among students of colour, however, many are overlooked and regarded as a 'slight comment' rather than an issue which deserves to be investigated. It is important for the plight of racial justice to extend beyond merely celebrating diversity. For an authentic sense of inclusion to be fostered, it is required of institutions to implement systems of support for CaLD students. The introduction of a safe space for the Ethnocultural Department would allow students of colour and all CaLD students the chance and space to discuss, dissect and reflect on their experiences by connecting with other students who face similar barriers and difficulties. This would also allow space for CaLD students to raise awareness among students and pointing them towards processes of resolve in the face of discrimination and utilise the UWA's complaint system that is currently existent, but not particularly accessible. Urging the need for an allocated room and therefore Ethnocultural safe space, is a necessity for UWA to be regarded as an inclusive campus for all. With the reactivation and reopening of campus, comes the obligation of the Guild President and Tenancy Chair to fast-track the bureaucratic process, and align the Ethnocultural safe space’s establishment with the increased return of students to campus. An Ethnocultural safe space would improve the campus experience for CaLD students by firstly cultivating a diverse and inclusive campus; but also filling the gaps that the University’s formal complaints processes are not able to address for CaLD students. Ultimately, a safe space would give students an outlet to express frustrations and anxieties of systemic and interpersonal racism, resulting in improved student well-being.
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  • Monash Must Pay for Student Consultations
    Monash University is one of Australia’s largest universities, with a reported surplus of $416 million in 2021. The University’s Strategic Goals say Monash will deliver “education of the highest international quality.” But Monash University cannot deliver high-quality education if it continues to erode the working conditions of its teaching staff. No staff member should be forced to decide between delivering a quality education to their students, and working without pay. We, the undersigned, petition Monash University Council to recognise that staff working conditions are student learning conditions, that consultation with students is vital pedagogical work, and that tutors must be paid for scheduled student consultation separately and in addition to the “rolled up” tutorial rate. Our demands are: - That the University backpays casual academic staff for student consultations conducted separately to tutorials, and the 2-hour minimum engagement where applicable; - That the University immediately directs all Faculties, Schools and Departments to pay Teaching Associates for all scheduled student consultation, rather than treating this consultation as ‘associated’ tutorial work; - That the University does not unfairly transfer this workload onto permanent academic staff; and - That Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner issues a formal written apology to all affected staff. SIGNED: Ben Eltham, NTEU Monash Branch President Bernard Keo, NTEU Monash Branch Committee Giles Fielke, NTEU Monash Branch Committee Scott Robinson Kai Tanter Sofie Onorato
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    Created by NTEU Monash Branch
  • DON’T DELAY OUR PAY RISE: Wages cannot go backwards
    Australia has a cost-of-living crisis. Rent, petrol, food, childcare, are all going up. Inflation is rising. Slow wage growth is fast outstripping the increased cost of living and workers are feeling the pressure. Our claim for a 5.5% rise to the minimum wage is needed for Australian workers to keep their heads above water. The Annual Wage Review is the ONLY guaranteed wage increase anywhere in the economy. Your pay rise only comes about from union members coming together to win what we need and deserve. A meaningful pay rise will allow us to finally keep up with the cost of living. ASU member, Harvey, says it all: “When you’re paying rent, bills and food with the entirety of your wage, an additional $40 per week would go a long way.” Make sure you have your say in your wage increase – get involved and join the union to win the pay increase you need. All workers deserve the chance to plan for the future. And we cannot afford another delay.
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  • Hands off ME leave
    Annual leave is an entitlement of employment, it's earned and it's ours. To link taking that leave to employee performance at the Bank is not appropriate or fair. ME have plenty of options if they want to ask staff to reduce the amount of leave they’ve got saved up - to make this a KPI is not fair. What staff do with their leave is their business, their ability to meet their performance goals should not be linked to getting their leave balance down!
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    Created by Finance Sector Union
  • Emergency Services unable to safely rescue victims in Victorian Central Highlands Region
    There is currently very limited capability to safely perform Specialised Rescue. (this means Trench Rescue, confined space rescue and rope rescue) The rescue capabilities in the Ballarat region need to be addressed as a matter of urgency due to the fact that: • Emergency management in Victoria is unable to safely rescue victims in a timely manner • Firefighters and first responders are being exposed to a Workplace Health and Safety Risks, both physical and mental This has been an issue since at least 2014. Timeline: 2014 United Firefighters Union (UFU) notifies the Napthine Government and all MPs that there is an issue around insufficient specialised rescue capabilities, particularly in the Ballarat Region. Operations were carried out in an extremely ad hoc manner, with equipment (planks etc.) being purchased from hardware stores. There was two Provisional Improvement Notices (PIN) put on the Ballarat City trench rescue operation and WorkSafe got involved. In response, the CFA essentially got rid of their trench rescue operations entirely in Ballarat. They just took it off the list of capabilities, failing to solve the problem. 2018 On 21 March 2018 one man was killed and another seriously injured after a trench collapsed in Ballarat. Tragically the second worker died in hospital the following day. The two men, Charles Howkins and Jack Brownlee, were working constructing sewer at the site when the collapse occurred. 26 March 2018 (2 days later) The UFU sent a letter to the Minister for Emergency Services. The UFU received an email from the Minister acknowledging receipt of correspondence. Nothing further was ever communicated. July 2018 Trench Victim’s Families wrote to the Minister to bring the issue to their attention. 2022 Victim’s Families wrote to State Labour Government Ministers and MPs to inform them that there is still no specialised rescue capability in Ballarat. From 2014 to 2022 - The UFU and FRV Personnel have been raising concerns requesting resolution of this gap in capability. The problem has still not been resolved. Throughout this entire period, first responders have continued to attend to specialised rescues, but without the resourcing they need. It is quite simple what Ballarat needs: 1. Equipment An Appliance for Specialised rescue; there are 2 purpose-built units sitting in Melbourne. They were built 8 years ago and have never been deployed, they just sit around gathering dust. There is space at the Lucas Fire Station to permanently house one of these units. 2. Staff Enough trained firefighters to provide a specialised rescue team on all shifts. (10 Crew to cover all 4 shifts, and a reliever shift) 3. Training Ongoing specialised rescue training. 4. Mapping Mapping of local area resources to see if other agencies and organisations could assist with expertise, equipment and resources through MOUs.
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  • BN Multivitamins Chews need to change their flavour and smell!
    BN Multi need to hear it from their consumers that their multivitamin chews product needs a revamp that is more appealing to bariatrics. This will make taking vitamins for bariatrics, especially in early stages post-op, to have their vitamin intake without waiting till later stages of their journey where most will just wait till they can take capsules.
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    Created by Chinz Bee
  • Don't get rid of International Studies at UNSW!
    The International Studies degree represents a core part of UNSW's offerings as a respectable tertiary education institution. A degree that fosters inclusivity and tolerance, in our communities at home and abroad. Current and future students deserve certainty in deciding their future. Students studying aspirations shouldn't be left to the whims of management seeking to 'rationalise'. Management is continuing the practice of using temporary COVID driven statistics to destroy unique educational experiences that are held with high regard by the student body. Getting rid of the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of International Studies Programs at UNSW creates a huge risk of dampening the diverse offerings provided by the ADA Faculty that have been under threat, and under the axe in the last couple of years. The unique course design is often what attracts students - the opportunity to go on a meaningful exchange experience and to learn from SMEs at UNSW. We can't let this happen. We call on the ADA Faculty to not axe these degrees or make further changes without extensive student consultation on how the degree can be improved and not why the degree should be cut. Join us in making sure the ADA Faculty addresses this and invites students, giving us an opportunity to demand more answers at the Faculty Board meeting on 9th May from 10 AM-12 PM.
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  • Save Night Owl Noodles, Save Our Union
    The UTS Students Association is funded by SSAF, YOUR student money, and we rely on this funding to run: * Free food services (Bluebird and Night Owl Noodles) * Free legal, peer tutoring, and advocacy services * Activism (Climate justice campaigns, Student safety campaigns, No Cuts, No Fees campaigns) * Vertigo magazine
 Due to these funding cuts from UTS, we will be forced to cancel our Night Owl Noodles and BlueBird Brekkie. Services students rely on in times on food and money insecurity. Students need legal aid, we need advocacy, and we need peer tutoring. We NEED free food services. Simply, without funding our services cannot run. Sign the petition to let the Deputy Vice Chancellor know that you want free food services and other association services to continue, and you want YOUR student union funded.
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    Created by UTS Students Association
  • Government's to Ease Living Costs
    Cost of living keeps going up while wages and conditions are continually eroded away, people receiving government support are trying to get by with just $42 a day and living in poverty. The gap between wages for men and women is still around 22.8%. The dream of owning your own home has become out of reach for too many people with rentals also becoming more unaffordable, meaning the demand for public housing is increasing.
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  • SIGN: Qantas needs more call centre staff NOW
    Short-staffing and high workloads are leaving Qantas call centre staff exhausted and are working beyond breaking point. For Qantas customers, wait times are stretching out to 4-5 hours, if not more. Customers are understandably angry and call centre staff are unfairly bearing the brunt of this frustration. There is only one way to fix this for customers and for workers alike – we need at least another 50 local call centre staff to handle the demand and reinvestment in airport customer service capacity and to reverse the off-shoring of local jobs Sign the petition for more call centre and airport staff now!
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