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To: Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Act now to stop the violence in Rakhine state, Myanmar

We call on the Australian government to take action to stop the violence and end discriminatory practices towards the Rohingya ethnic group of Myanmar. This includes reinstating sanctions against key individuals, ceasing bilateral military cooperation, and urging the UN Security Council to use all appropriate means to prevent the escalation of violence.

We ask Foreign Minister Bishop to make the following demands of the Myanmar government:
• Take immediate action to protect all civilians;
• Allow humanitarian organisations, independent media and other observers – including the UN Fact-Finding Mission – access to northern Rakhine state;
• Stop the “terrorist” rhetoric and anti-Rohingya dehumanising narratives.

Why is this important?

We are extremely concerned by the situation in Rakhine state, Myanmar. It is unacceptable for us to remain silent whilst reports of widespread and systematic human rights violations have resulted in over 500,000 people fleeing to Bangladesh. The situation for those now living in mega refugee camps in southern Bangladesh is a humanitarian emergency.

Australia is a regional power with historic political influence in the region so it is important for our government to take action to quell the ongoing violence and review all forms of engagement with Myanmar until the situation is resolved.

It is crucial that the Australian government demands the immediate end of all violence by the Myanmar military and by all other actors. In particular, Australia must use its influence to demand that the Myanmar military immediately cease indiscriminate attacks using heavy weapons that inflict disproportionate violence against the population of Rakhine state.

Australia must also take immediate steps to suspend its bilateral military cooperation program with Myanmar. No international government should support the Myanmar military with training, weapons, or other equipment while reports of grave human rights abuses are ongoing.

This is an issue which encompasses us all. It is not simply a Rohingya issue or a Muslim issue; it is an issue that affects all of humanity.

Please add your voice and email Julie Bishop to call on Australia to act now to stop the violence in Rakhine state, Myanmar.


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