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To: Professor Zlatko Skrbis

ACU management - consult with your staff

We call upon ACU management to ensure that involuntary redundancy will be a last resort by;

• Reissuing a draft change management plan which provides all relevant information including detailed information regarding the duties that the University proposes to no longer be performed and ensuring no further advertising of jobs and recruitment takes place while our jobs are under threat
• Providing genuine consultation and ensure all staff can contribute to saving money and saving jobs and
• provide an opportunity for staff to express interest in voluntary redundancy, with management assessing expressions of interest based on the criteria of duties proposed to no longer be performed and
• provide an opportunity for staff to have proposals for job share, transfers, part-time work and all proposals to mitigate against involuntary redundancy be genuinely considered

Why is this important?

On February 15, the Australian Catholic University issued the ‘Professional Services Draft Change Management Plan'which announced the loss of 110 equivalent full-time (EFT) professional staff positions - including 90 EFT positions being made redundant.

We are opposed to these job cuts and believe that they are unnecessary. As well as the impacts on staff affected directly, we believe that these cuts will negatively impact the quality of teaching, research, and services. We demand that management demonstrate that all alternative savings measures have been canvassed; and explored all voluntary measures to ensure involuntary redundancy is a last resort.



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