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To: Martin Fletcher, Ahpra CEO

Ahpra should act fairly and equitably

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Healthcare workers deserve fair and equitable registration fees. 

Ahpra and the 15 National Boards don't currently lower fees or provide any proper mechanism or registration fee category to assist healthcare workers who take parental leave. This affects over 877,000 Australian healthcare workers, who are a diverse and predominantly female workforce.

We’re calling on Ahpra to
- urgently revise its fee setting approach so that it is fair and equitable, and
- meet with us to discuss the positive impacts on equity, inclusion, and diversity within the healthcare workforce that would result from Ahpra and the 15 National Boards embedding the principles of equity in fee setting arrangements.

Why is this important?

Ahpra must operate a fair and equitable fee setting policy to enable a flexible and responsive health workforce. Failing to provide reduced fees for practitioners on parental leave shows that Ahpra doesn't 'walk the walk' when it comes to principles of equity. 

Ahpra has maintained its inequitable position in recent years despite numerous individual and collective representations requesting that it change course. We need your help to make this change happen! 

Ahpra advises practitioners who enquire about fee reduction during parental leave that they can apply for non-practising registration. But experience indicates this is not a viable or practical option because of how Ahpra operates. Reapplying for registration is expensive and time consuming, many practitioners would not be able to avoid paying annual registration anyway, and the period of time between reapplying for registration and actually being re-registered is uncertain and can be a period of many months - during which time the practitioner is unable to work as a healthcare practitioner because they are not registered. 

There are over 877,000 Australian healthcare workers, who are a diverse, dedicated and predominantly female workforce. Providing reduced registration fees for practitioners who are on parental leave would support a self-sustaining, fair, reasonable, flexible and responsive approach to fee setting, consistent with the principles of equity.



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