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To: Amazon

Amazon workers deserve jobs they can count on

To Amazon,

Australians like the idea of more competition in our retail markets, but that cannot come at the cost of the community you operate in or the workers that help make your profits.

In Australia we expect corporations like Amazon to pay a fair share of tax and make a decent contribution to the community they operate in.

And while we need more jobs in South Dandenong, where the Amazon warehouse is located, these jobs have to be jobs that people can count on. Our communities need secure and fairly paid jobs - not minimum wage casual jobs that trap people in poverty.

We, the undersigned, demand that Amazon demonstrates it is serious about being a good corporate citizen in Australia. We will not shop with Amazon Australia until you:

1. Publicly commit to paying a fair share of tax while operating in Australia; and

2. Meet with the NUW, the warehousing union, and commit to:
a. Guaranteeing workers a fair say at work, including the right to raise grievances through their trade union;
b. Ensuring that jobs at the Amazon warehouse are secure jobs with guaranteed hours;
c. Providing workers a living wage;
d. Respecting the right of workers to collectively organise and placing no barriers in the way of any worker that wants to join a union or collectively bargain.

Why is this important?

Amazon is coming. We expect Amazon will be open for business in Australia on October 31 and we need to make sure that, from day one, Amazon workers have a job they can count on with fair wages and conditions.



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