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To: Australia Post

Australia Post: Stop Bonuses for Screwing over Injured Workers!

Australia Post: Stop Bonuses for Screwing over Injured Workers!

Right now, Australia Post hands out cash bonuses to its management staff "rewarding" them for delaying and frustrating injury claims. These are people injured on the job at Australia Post, who are just trying to get access to treatment.

Australia Post must start treating the workers it injures with respect and dignity. All bonuses related to the management of injured workers must be scrapped.

Why is this important?

The CEO of Australia Post was paid $5.6 million of taxpayers' money a year. Under his reign, newspapers have revealed repeated scandals where management bonuses have resulted in managers delaying injury claims, refusing injury claims, unreasonably forcing injured workers to attend additional medical examinations and preventing workers from putting in a claim.
The Australian Financial Review reported that Australia Post managers can earn up to $60,000 a year for engaging in this kind of behaviour. It's time for Australia Post to stop the rort at the expense of injured workers and our families.

Reasons for signing

  • This practice is unfair and should be outlawed. Legitimate claims should be processed quickly and easily. The practice only inhibits safe return to work and injury management and artificially drives up legal costs and lowers morale and productivity. It's bad for both employers and workers.
  • I am a solicitor working at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and I represent Aussie Post workers. We act for many clients with delayed claims and it needs to stop.
  • My employer has victimised me from the time I made my claim. Even though top surgeons recommended not return to original duties. Then obstructs me from doing many other jobs within the company of 1000 plus employees. I have been to 6 + IMEs. Insurance company and employer want me to resign, but I keep fighting them. Fellow injured workers don't lose heart and don't let the bastards win. Solidarity!


2017-03-08 11:23:58 +1100

We will be be rallying at Australia Post HQ this Friday at lunchtime!
Together we can make Australia Post get the message: stop paying bonuses fro screwing injured workers!
12.30pm at Australia Post HQ, 111 Bourke St, Melbourne (cnr Exhibition St)
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