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To: Scott Morrison

Australians need secure and reliable jobs

Australians used to have the most stable, reliable jobs in the world. Jobs you could plan a life around.

But now, more than 1 in 4 Australian workers are in insecure work with no access to sick leave or holidays. These are jobs with less rights, low pay or simply not enough hours to make ends meet.

The Morrison Government must stand up and make sure every Australian has a secure job they can rely on.

Why is this important?

Insecure work is a serious problem for Australian communities and families.

Having a secure job is connected to so many basic things like mental health, food, housing, and being able to plan your life.

And when people don’t have stable or secure jobs, they have less money to spend in local businesses which affects the local economy.

But the Government can take action to help turn this around.

We call on the Morrison Government to make jobs more reliable and secure.


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