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To: Bidfood

Bidfood: Give your workers paid pandemic leave now!

Bidfood: Give your workers paid pandemic leave now!

Bidfood is a food service company that supplies across the food supply chain, from hotels, restaurants, childcare centres (early learning centres) to aged care and hospitals. They interact with many different people and run the risk every day that COVID could spread through the workplace.

To decrease the risk, and give workers security in the case of an outbreak, and protect the community Bidfood must commit to paid pandemic leave now!

Why is this important?

Paid pandemic leave will give workers the peace of mind to take leave when they feel sick, even if they are casuals. It means no worker has to worry about a pay check when self isolating and means in the case of a shut down, Bidfood can be up and running as soon as possible.

For the good of the community, the workers and the company, Bidfood must give workers paid pandemic leave now.

Reasons for signing

  • Pandemic leave for all workers is vital, people need some security in these uncertain times.


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