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To: Bill Shorten, Leader of the Labor Party

Stand with Educators!

I’m Michelle, and I’m an early childhood educator. I shape Australia’s next generation but I struggle to pay my phone bill or put petrol in the car.

I'm going to Canberra on August 22. Mr Shorten - meet with me on Aug 22nd and hear my story.

Why is this important?

Malcolm Turnbull’s government won’t listen. He’s refused to meet with us, and he refuses to fund equal pay for educators.

That’s why we’re telling politicians everywhere: we're making equal pay an election issue.

Bill Shorten is potentially our next Prime Minister. We have a clear message for him: support early educators, and educators will support you.

Please sign now to tell Bill Shorten to meet with me and other educators - together we're strong!

Reasons for signing

  • I am a ECT that desrves to get equal pay with teachers as our job is to get the children school ready.
  • Been an educator for 13 yrs to now study to be an early years teacher, and to be paid the lowest income ove rthe years but do just as much as teachers with no recognition. The most important years of a child life is the first 5 years which is the early child care sector.
  • There should be an unlimited amount of signatures for this, thanks for taking the initiative to do this! The fact that these wages have remained so low & stagnant for decades, is a National Disgrace to our democracy & human rights! And the fact that Prime Minister Turnbull continues to refuse to come to the table about this by bascially ignoring us, shows an arrogance & denial of the truth, that the economy would virtually grind to a halt if Educators walked off


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