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To: BN Multi

BN Multivitamins Chews need to change their flavour and smell!

BN Multi needs to reconsider the smell and flavour of their multivitamin chews. A large number of people in the bariatric community are unable to consume these due to their taste and their smell, setting them back so much money to purchase only for it to go to waste. Please consider that the taste buds of bariatrics changes substantially post-op.

Why is this important?

BN Multi need to hear it from their consumers that their multivitamin chews product needs a revamp that is more appealing to bariatrics. This will make taking vitamins for bariatrics, especially in early stages post-op, to have their vitamin intake without waiting till later stages of their journey where most will just wait till they can take capsules.


2022-05-03 19:01:07 +1000

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