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To: Queensland Government

Bus Driver Safety Screens must be fitted to every TransLink urban bus

The Queensland Government's Bus Driver Safety Review clearly identified the risk of assault to bus drivers and the need for Bus Driver Safety Screens to be fitted on all Queensland urban buses.

These screens must be fully funded by the Queensland Government.

Why is this important?

The issue of bus driver assaults is not new, it has been going on for years.

In Queensland for the past 10 years the issue has been researched, debated and reviewed and the need for public transport buses to be fitted with bus driver safety screens clearly identified in the 2017 Bus Driver Safety Review.

Queensland public transport is administered by the government department of Transport and Main Roads under the TransLink banner.

TMR/TransLink awards contracts to bus operators and it fully funds the cost of providing these services and provides funds for the purchase of buses used in these contracts.

The Bus Driver Safety Review identified the need for bus driver safety screens to be fitted to urban buses under the TransLink banner.
All new buses purchased by TransLink contractors must be fitted with bus driver safety screens.

It will take another 21 years for the entire fleet of buses under the TransLink banner to be replaced with buses fitted with driver safety screens.

Therefore, for another 21 years bus drivers working for contractors under the TransLink banner will be at risk of assault because they will be driving a bus that is not fitted with a driver safety screen.

I am asking for your assistance to petition the Queensland Government to fully fund the cost of retrofitting the entire TransLink branded bus fleet.


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