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To: Malcolm Turnbull

Tell the PM to apologise to care workers!

Tell the PM to apologise to care workers!

Malcolm Turnbull just told a 60 year old care worker that if she wants a better life, she should get a better job.

Tell Turnbull to formally apologise to care workers and the people we care for, and acknowledge our essential role in the community.

Add your voice to show Turnbull just how out of touch he is!

Why is this important?

Malcolm Turnbull just proved one thing: how little he values care workers, and the people we care for.

For many of our aged and disabled clients, we are their only link to a dignified life. It’s hard work, but it’s absolutely vital – and I’d be hard pressed to find a ‘better’ or more rewarding job.

Yet tens of thousands of Australians are waiting for home care packages or for room in aged care facilities, while the people who do the vital work of caring for them struggle to get by – with the rate of pay no where near matching the demands of the job.

This is a national disgrace, and I don’t believe Turnbull's views reflect how Australians feel about some of our most hard-working and caring citizens – or our most vulnerable.

Turnbull's comments did a disservice to both, and care workers and the people we work with deserve not just an apology, but genuine recognition.

Care workers deserve fairness, certainty, and recognition for our work – not derision from our Prime Minister.

Add your voice to make it loud and clear: care workers need jobs you can count on!

Reasons for signing

  • horrendous attitude
  • Care Workers like many workers in this Country are underpaid, undervalued and overworked. This Fat Cat Pig of a man who calls himself Prime Minister should be bloody ashamed of himself.
  • How dare you!, the care and compassion we share with our elderly residents is something I cherish, losing them breaks our hearts every time. We do what we do because we love the people we care for, You Mr Turnbull are a disgrace!!!


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