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To: Scott Morrison

Clubs Workers need urgent paid leave and ongoing support!

Australia’s emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic is already having an enormous impact on Clubs workers. Restrictions on non-essential, indoor gatherings mean that many thousands of Clubs workers are facing an immediate drastic loss of income and ongoing uncertainty about their jobs and livelihoods.

This will have a massive affect across families and communities as workers struggle to pay their bills and cope with the extreme stress and anxiety that this brings.

The Newstart allowance of just $40 a day – below the poverty line – will simply not enable Clubs workers to pay their bills. And many workers aren’t even eligible.

We need another solution.

We are demanding that the Morrison Government immediately provide two weeks paid special leave for Clubs workers who are required to stay away from work because of Coronavirus. This measure is needed right now as workers are being stood down or forced to use their leave.

We further demand that the Morrison Government begin planning for the longer term support that these workers will require in the highly likely event that Clubs are unable to resume normal operations within the coming months.

Now is the time for real leadership.

Why is this important?

We need this government to step up and ensure all workers who are unable to work because of Coronavirus have access to special paid leave, and are not left out of pocket.



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