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To: Coles and Woolworths

Coles and Woolworths must end labour exploitation on their farms

Coles and Woolworths hold unparalleled power in the supermarket supply chain to protect farm workers. As key industry players they must take action to end wage theft and exploitation on their farms. We are calling on Coles and Woolworths to sign an agreement with the farm workers union (NUW) which requires all fresh food suppliers comply with ethical labour standards.

Why is this important?

The majority of Australians do their grocery shopping at Coles or Woolworths. Yet the farm workers who feed us, who pick and pack the fruit and vegetables we all eat, are enduring wage theft and exploitation on Australian farms. Two thirds of surveyed workers reported earning below minimum wage, sometimes as low as $4.80 per hour. Cash contractors act as controlling mediators between farms and workers, often resulting in stolen wages, no superannuation, sexual harassment, bullying and harassment.

Coles and Woolworths must not continue to profit from this exploitation.

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