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To: Scott Morrison

Reinstate JobKeeper

Workers across the country have been plunged back into a COVID-19 lockdown.

The support payments announced by the Government are below the minimum wage and the previous JobKeeper rate, they do not tie workers to employment and they will not prevent further job losses or stand-downs.

The Prime Minister must reinstate JobKeeper to save jobs and the economy.

Why is this important?

Affected workers desperately need adequate financial support from the Government, particularly those who work in the hardest hit sectors of hospitality, retail and aviation.

These lockdowns are a direct result of the failures of the Morrison Government, and while the vaccine rollout continues to flounder there will be millions of workers who will need support.

Without proper financial support, workers are left without money to get by, and they won't be able to spend in their local communities. Denying workers JobKeeper isn't just cruel, it's also bad economics.

Scott Morrison must urgently reinstate JobKeeper. Workers need financial support they can rely on.

Reasons for signing

  • We shouldn't allow anyone to go into poverty because of something completely out of their control. Not now or ever.
  • The proposed jobseeker cuts are senseless and will only hurt the Australian economy in order to punish Australian citizens for circumstances outside their control. You don't need to punish people to motivate them to work.
  • their control. Not now or ever.


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