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To: Scott Morrison

Coronavirus: Extend JobKeeper and JobSeeker

Australia is heading for a cliff where jobs will disappear and incomes slashed if they aren’t extended. We need urgent action to secure people’s jobs now

That’s why we need you to sign our petition to demand that the Morrison government extend JobKeeper for another six months and keep the rate of JobSeeker at the rate it is now with the Coronavirus supplement.

Why is this important?

This crisis isn’t over. Far from it.

The JobKeeper end date is fast approaching and working people are facing the prospect of the economic trapdoor opening up underneath them as more companies and organisations start to announce job losses in anticipation of JobKeeper being switched off in September.

JobKeeper needs to be extended and expanded to cover workers in higher education, early childhood education, the arts, aviation, casuals who might have less than 12 months service, visa workers who were invited here and are now trapped.

By signing our petition, you can let the government know that if we are all in this together as they claim, it needs to provide JobKeeper to all those that need.

The old JobSeeker rate was a poverty trap and Australian’s have always deserved more than $40 a day.

It was never enough to live and there can be no going back to that kind of starvation payment.

With nearly 1 million people unemployed, but the reality that there is almost an additional 700,000 who’ve given up looking for work because there are no jobs, ordinary Australians are dealing with both economic hardship and a loss of faith in the future.

JobSeeker should be permanently lifted because it provides people with a chance to pay their bills, put food on the table and not struggle trapped in poverty. We need to give all Australian a sense of hope and security.

Without extending these supports millions of Australians will suffer as the economy falls over the September cliff, jobs are destroyed and incomes are thrown back to poverty levels.

You can do your bit by signing this petition and demanding that Scott Morrison leaves no worker to navigate this crisis alone.

Reasons for signing

  • pretty obvious I would have thought
  • The old "Newstart" was ridiculously low, even employer groups were saying it was so low that it was stifling the economy. It was so low that it made being job-ready and getting back to work more difficult. JobKeeper helps employers keep workers on - which in turn keeps people off unemployment benefits and keeps them from going down the slippery slope to unemployed to long term unemployed.
  • The state of Victoria is still not even halfway through a 2nd lockdown (which, from the look of it, will probably get extended) and NSW looks to be heading the same way. It is not business as usual no matter how much Morrison and his government want to pretend that people can just go out in the mid of a pandemic and get new jobs (which is unlikely in the first place, what with the standard rate being 13 jobseekers to 1 job).


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