To: South Gippsland Shire Council Councillors

Council must retain home care services

We are supporters of Council-run home care services and concerned citizens who urge our councillors to:

1. Rescind their motion to look at options of transferring Home Support Services to another organisation, and
2. Retain the Aged and Disability staff within South Gippsland Shire Council.

Why is this important?

Council-run home care enables those in need to live independently at home for as long possible. Being able to retain a sense of independence is so important for mental and emotional health. Our ageing relatives, friends and neighbours deserve to retain the quality care they get from our highly trained Council workers.

Reasons for signing

  • My elderly mother (85yo) relies on services provided by the SGSC on a weekly basis. I have also had cause to use these services when I had a total hip replacement. These services are essential to the aged community and the Shire has no right taking them away from people in genuine need, esp those without family or friends to assist.
  • This service enabled my mother-in-law to continue to live independently in the home she had retired to at Walkerville for many years. It gave her assistance with shopping and home help in the absence of local family - a very valuable service.
  • This is appalling...........!!!!!!!!


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