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To: Renters and Mortgagors

COVID-19 Rent Strike Pledge

COVID-19 Rent Strike Pledge

As renters and mortgagors we need to pledge, en-masse, that we will collectively withhold all rental and mortgage payments while the COVID-19 pandemic requires vulnerable people to isolate without security of income and housing.

Renters must demand a rent amnesty from our landlords or real estate agents.

Mortgagors must demand a repayment amnesty from our banks and mortgage holders. This has already been done in Italy, and will make a rent amnesty possible.

We must all ensure that no member of our community is evicted, fined, or put into debt because they can't pay rent or mortgage repayments while the COVID-19 outbreak is considered a pandemic.

Why is this important?

Many workers have no access to paid sick leave, have already run out of leave, or will run out of leave if required to self-isolate for 14-days.

Workers in tourism, education, events and entertainment industries are highly casualised and experiencing massive cancellations and loss of income.

The risk of losing access to housing is driving vulnerable workers to take any shift they can get, even when feeling ill, or under direction to self-isolate.

The precarious nature of the rental and housing market, and its massive costs, provide incentives to people to continue to work, even when this puts the community at risk.

Alone, these workers face economic strife and destitution, whether through large fines for breaking quarantine orders, or through punitive measures taken by landlords, real estate agencies and banks.

Together we can ensure that the mortgage and rent amnesty is extended to everyone, so we can all take time away from work without fear of homelessness. We must assert the right to housing for all. We mustn't allow the most vulnerable people to be singled out.

We must not ask for permission from the landlords and banks; we must take a strike to protect our community.

Even if you can access leave, think of those who can't, please sign the pledge and join the strike.

Reasons for signing

  • We renters have been treated like cattle for decades. Forced out of the market by negative gearing policies and the govt's mass immigration ponzi scheme. My landlord has multiple properties and is crying poor saying they can't reduce rent.. It's time to fight for affordable housing in this Country! Why should we be subsidising the lives of wealthy investors with X number of properties. Get angry and fight back!
  • because no work,no gain,not enough money for renting and meal...
  • Single parent with 3 school age children living at home. It might not be a simple 14 day self isolation if the kids get it at different times. Now is the time the governments should be implementing a Universal Basic Income for every person in Australia so people that need time off can afford to have it.


2020-03-24 18:25:15 +1100

We are now over 15,500 and counting!
Things are moving fast and we're all getting organised.

Please fill out this short survey to get engaged with the strike:

Look up to find your local strike support group!

2020-03-20 09:48:49 +1100

Thanks to everyone who has signed, we have now reached over 10,300 and counting!

What are the demands?
Collectively, we are withholding all rental payments and mortgage repayments until an amnesty is declared which ensures that:

1. An indefinite rent and mortgage payment amnesty so long as the pandemic requires workers to self-isolate without income.

2. A ban on all evictions and foreclosures.

3. A guarantee that no one will be fined or have debts raised against them, or rental rates or mortgage payments raised as a result of tenant’s strike.

4. A guarantee that no one will have an adverse rental or credit history report made as a result of withholding rents and mortgage repayments.

To get engaged locally, and for more info on the demands follow us at

2020-03-19 23:28:40 +1100

10,000 signatures reached

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5,000 signatures reached

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1,000 signatures reached

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