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To: Curtin management

Curtin students support staff industrial action

Curtin staff are currently negotiating their pay and conditions with university management. They are being offered pay that is well below inflation, so is a substantial pay cut. Management is not budging on casual worker’s rights, job insecurity, gender affirming leave, and First Nations targets.

Staff have gone on strike twice already, and will be walking off for the whole day on April 5. When they do, it's to fight not only for their own pay & conditions, but for the education of every student at Curtin too.

Curtin students should show their support for staff. Sign this petition to call on the university to increase staff pay and conditions and show that students support staff taking further strike action.

Why is this important?

Staff working conditions are student learning conditions. When staff go on strike to get a better deal, they also strike to improve the learning conditions for students. Students should stand in solidarity with staff, and join them in calling on University management for a better deal.

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2023-03-27 14:36:31 +1100

There's an organising meeting on TODAY, 2pm at Club HQ. We'll be talking about what students can do to support the ongoing strikes, so come along to get involved!

2023-03-20 15:38:58 +1100

100 signatures reached

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