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To: Flinders University Management

Cut the Restructure, Not the Jobs!

Cut the Restructure, Not the Jobs!

The currently proposed academic restructure will see more than 200 academic staff forced to reapply for their jobs. This comes after the 2017 restructure which saw around another 200 professional, academic and library staff take voluntary redundancies. FUSA Student Council calls on Flinders University management to not make any more job cuts or sham redundancies, and ensure the security of employment for both professional and academic staff.

Why is this important?

Professional and academic staff are integral to the quality of our education. Research higher degree and undergraduate students will both be negatively impacted by this proposed restructure, as already pressured staff are put more under the pump with increased workload and reduced support. FUSA Student Council would also wish to acknowledge the huge financial and emotional burden on staff and their loved ones that comes with job insecurity.


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