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To: Scott Morrison

Defend Victorian Wage Theft Laws

I’m Jules, a member of Hospo Voice. I've worked in the hospitality industry for 16 years and I've been through the absolute ringer.

I've had my wages stolen, I didn't get paid sick leave when I broke my hand, and I was sexually harassed in the workplace.

When Victoria passed wage theft laws in 2020 I cried with joy. I thought it would mean I could work without worrying about getting my wages stolen.

But now Scott Morrison and the Liberals are trying to destroy the wage theft laws we fought so hard for. As a hospo worker, I am being sick of being exploited by my employers. This must stop.

Stand with me to tell Scott Morrison that workers do not want this anti-worker bill to go ahead. Add your name to the petition to defend Victorian wage theft laws now.

Why is this important?

Scott Morrison's "Omnibus Bill" introduces new workplace laws which will knock out Victoria's current wage theft laws, making it even easier for bosses to get away with stealing workers wages. We can't let this happen.

Not only this, but his anti-worker bill will allow for cuts to be made to take home pay and conditions, as well as less rights and job security.

We need to defend Victorian wage theft laws from Scott Morrison's anti-worker bill. Let's stand together and fight for workers rights. Add your name to the petition now.



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