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To: Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme Linda Reynolds

Demand a Fairer NDIS

In a win for the campaign for a fairer NDIS, new NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds has postponed the introduction of compulsory independent assessments (IAs). We need to press our advantage and stop them happening at all.

We demand that Linda Reynolds and the Morrison Government commit to the following:

2. Free medical and allied health services for NDIS applicants
3. Expand public disability and mental health services
4. Scrap the NDIA staffing cap to reduce delays
5. Reliable support - better pay, conditions and training for disability and mental health workers

Why is this important?

Independent assessments are intended to reduce spending on NDIS participants. They are part of government efforts to contain costs in the NDIS. These cuts will only increase the number of disabled people unable to access proper support and funding, and will force many disabled people into precarious positions. The cuts to the NDIS will also drive down pay and conditions for disability and mental health workers.

The government says it will not introduce IAs until the second IA trial and further consultations have happened. But whatever they end up proposing, the government's plans are clear: to cut spending and exclude people from the NDIS.

But we can stop them. Disabled people, disability and mental health workers, and our supporters can band together to show the widespread opposition to IAs and demand a fairer NDIS for all.



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