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To: Melbourne Airport

Demand a Melbourne Airport Rail Link Now!

We, the undersigned, will no longer tolerate the delays in constructing the Melbourne Airport Rail Link. These hold-ups cost us too much in high transportation fees, parking costs and daily inconveniences. Thousands of workers and travellers are suffering because of the lack of necessary infrastructure.

We demand that Melbourne Airport stop dragging its feet and start working with the Victorian Government to get this rail link built immediately. We expect you to keep us informed and to move quickly. We’re tired of waiting and want to see real action now.

Why is this important?

Joining this campaign for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link is vital because it directly affects our daily lives and wallets. Every day without this link, thousands of workers and travellers like us face limited transport options and exorbitant parking fees, costing us time and money. For families, it means less time at home and more stress managing daily commutes. For our community, it stunts economic growth and accessibility, keeping us disconnected from the broader opportunities Melbourne has to offer. The airport and the government's delay in building this rail link is more than an inconvenience—it's a barrier to our well-being and progress. We need your voice to ensure they hear us loud and clear: we demand better infrastructure now for a more connected and affordable future. Join us in pushing for change that will benefit all.
Melbourne Airport VIC 3045, Australia

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Branch Secretary Mem Suleyman, spoke out at the Labor Party conference over the weekend along with strong support from speakers in local councils and the RTBU & CFMEU, highlighting the daily struggle of over 18,000 airport workers enduring gruelling commutes without a rail link. “If we want this government to have a legacy, a legacy of a government that did not build this project, then I say ‘shame’ to that.“

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