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To: Federal Parliamentarians

Don’t let the Morrison Government Ruin our Retirement

How would you feel if we told you that your future is being jeopardised by a deal between the Morrison Government and the big banks?

Why is this important?

For years the Liberal Government has been cosy with the banks and their super funds.

Scott Morrison voted against a Banking Royal Commission 26 times.

But when we finally got one, it showed the truth: bank-owned corporate super funds gouge the life savings of working people to line their executives’ pockets.

They charged fees to the dead, duped people into whittling away their life savings, and broke the law thousands of times.

Now, the Morrison Government has just passed new super laws that will leave many workers and their families significantly worse off in retirement.

The proposals are called Your Future, Your Super.

We’re calling it Your Future, Bank Super.

Because these laws are designed to funnel as much money as possible to corporate bank-aligned super funds.

The laws will:

- Pin three million workers to dud funds, potentially for life

- Make it harder for workers in high-risk industries to get adequate insurance

- Exclude a whole bunch of poor performing corporate products from performance testing, and

- Put profits paid out to bank shareholders on the same level as your financial interests.

In effect, these laws will be a free-kick to the banks.

Let the Morrison Government know that they will not get away with this attack on your retirement.




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