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To: Federal Parliamentarians

Don’t let the Morrison Government Ruin our Retirement

Stop the Morrison Government’s plan to ruin your retirement by gutting superannuation.

We need to improve our superannuation system so women stop retiring into poverty, so that gig economy workers and contractors get super, and so that no worker has their super stolen by a dodgy boss.

Why is this important?

For years now, members of the Morrison Government have been campaigning against industry super and using the cover of Coronavirus, they are planning to take a sledgehammer to workers’ retirement savings.

More than two million Australians were forced to raid their superannuation just to get by throughout the crisis, and hundreds of thousands of Australians are now out of work. A generation of workers’ retirements are at risk if the Government succeeds in kicking the ladder out from under them.

Australian unions won superannuation for it to be the best retirement income system in the world. We need to protect these hard won gains and strengthen our superannuation system to match the modern economy.

Reasons for signing

  • The Liberals are out to destroy Compulsory super if this is such a good idea why not take away their own 15% Super and have their pensions means tested if its such a good idea Means Test Joe Hockeys Pension see if he thinks its still a great idea
  • Super was part of salary negotiations for productivity changes it was not given to workers for nothing and to renege on it now again shows that workers are again punished and not valued by this government. Trickle down economics does not work. Workers productivity has increased by 10% over last 5 years but no increase in wages, companies have increased in profit. The super increase is manageable and is an investment for all.
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