To: Cassy O'Connor, Greens Leader

Don't support freezing public health workers' pay

We call on the member for Clark and Greens Leader Cassy O’Connor to withdraw her support for freezing the wages of hardworking health and community services staff in the public sector (and all other public sector workers).

Why is this important?

Cassy O’Connor has said she supports a wage freeze for public sector workers, including hospital workers.

RHH cleaners have gone above and beyond over last few months keeping people safe. They work in the heart of Cassy O’Connor’s electorate, Clark, and most live in the electorate too.

They don’t understand why Cassy O’Connor and the Greens want to freeze their wages. In real terms, that amounts to a wage cut.

Cleaners are calling on Cassy to change her position and support them, by allowing them to have the wage increase that the government agreed to. The agreements were negotiated in good faith and should be honoured. Health and community services workers deserve a pay rise that keeps up with the increases to their cost of living.