To: Premier Steven Marshall

Don't Tear Up Library Funding

Funding from the South Australian Government is crucial to our local libraries. If the funding for our local libraries is not renewed in the 2021 State Budget services will be slashed, books will be taken off shelves and not replaced and jobs will be lost.

Premier Marshall, don't tear up library funding!

Why is this important?

Australian Services Union members throughout South Australia provide crucial library services to our local communities but State Government funding for our libraries runs out on June 30.

If Premier Steven Marshall cuts funding to our libraries, local communities will lose access to: books, access to computers and community activities for new mums, the elderly and the wider community.

Approximately 80% of the library workforce are women. Cuts to library funding will mean cuts to jobs when South Australia is facing the highest unemployment rate in the country.

We need your support to save our libraries.