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To: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

Early childhood educators deserve respect and a fair wage

My job as an early childhood educator means I’m responsible for the social, educational and emotional growth of the children at my kindergarten. That’s why my colleagues and I are required by law to have a professional qualification – at least a Certificate III or diploma in early childhood education.

Most of the families in our kindergarten wouldn’t know that we are doing it tough. We’re hardworking professionals, committed to delivering high quality education to Victorian three and four-year-olds.

We don’t always want to admit the reality: that our wages are so low, we often struggle to make ends meet.

We get paid up to 35% less than a teacher’s aide in a primary school even though we do similar work. At times our wages have dropped below the minimum award rate.

It is not fair and does not reflect the important work that I and my mostly female colleagues do to ensure every Victorian child gets the best start in life.

Through our union we are currently negotiating a new agreement for salaries and conditions but we have not had a pay rise since August 2018.

Join me in calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to come to the table with fair and professional salaries for me and my colleagues.

Why is this important?

I’ve seen too many colleagues leave because of the low pay and limited career progression. It’s not fair on the children who deserve high quality kindergarten education with experienced educators who can afford to build long term careers.

Premier Andrews has committed to providing kindergarten to every Victorian three year old by 2022. To do this our kindergartens will need thousands of extra educators and keep the ones we’ve got.

But the promise to every three-year-old will not be kept if we can’t attract new colleagues because of low pay.

If you value the work of educators, we need you to please give us your support.



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