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Join Jessica B. in signing this petition.

To: Education Minister Dan Tehan

Education for all - Stop fee hikes!

Everyone deserves access to an affordable, quality education - and that shouldn’t depend on your bank balance.

But Dan Tehan has announced he wants to hike fees for a whole range of degrees, putting university out of reach for thousands of young people.

Gouging students won’t fix the funding crisis in higher education.

It’s not only wrong – it’s reckless. Higher education is critical for our long-term health, economy and society.

Tell Dan Tehan: we need Education for all - stop fee hikes!

#EducationForAll #StopFeeHikes

Why is this important?

Tertiary education is critical to our national interest and our future.

It’s the intellectual and economic engine room powering Australia in health, technology, research, ideas and innovation. If the Government continues down a path of funding cuts and hiked fees it will wreck our universities and put our long-term future at risk.

How it will be delivered

We will be delivering this petition to Minister Dan Tehan

Reasons for signing

  • My son completed his Bachelor of Arts with honors at Melbourne University. We live in public housing in Melbourne and are from a difficult socio-economic background but education assisted my son with acquiring a great government job. He hopes to become a History professor. WE need to lower the fees for people such as my son who will become the nation's future historians so that they will be able to pay back these fees (before they die). ARTS EDUCATION ABSOLUTELY CHANGES LIVES ! !
  • People should not be prevented from studying arts and humanities due to their financial status. It is not for the government to say what is worthy of being studied. People have interests and skill sets in different areas. By making education for people with a skill set you deem less important, you are taking away people’s freedom and condemning them to a future irrevelevant to their own interests.
  • Everybody has rights to a good education. Hiking up fees (particularly for degrees such as Social Work - which are providing a huge level of support to people facing COVID-19 currently I might add) is just not acceptable.


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