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To: Australian Government

Stop wasting GPs time with sick-certificates!

  • Sick leave certificates are a burden on our health system  
  • They cost employees up to $80 out of pocket
  • They waste doctors' time and contribute to over-filled waiting rooms
  • They cost our health system billions that could be redirected back into bulk-billing

People who are suffering from ordinary colds and viruses are being forced to see a doctor just so they can prove to their boss that they are sick.

Doctors say that up to 10% of their appointments are being taken up by someone who just needs bed rest but needs to get a certificate for their employer.

These appointments are a waste of GPs' time, they cost workers up to $80 out of pocket, and they're preventing Australians from getting an appointment when they need one - meaning more people are presenting at emergency departments.

We want the government to Amend the Fair Work Act to remove the requirement for medical certificates for short-term sick leave. If employers want to demand sick certificates, then let them pay for the appointment!

Why is this important?

Rather than spending time recovering from short-term illnesses, workers have to take time out of their day to book appoints with a GP to obtain a medical certificate just to justify their reason for taking sick leave.

Often, appointments might not be available for days, and with bulk billing on the decline many workers essentially have to pay out of pocket to evidence their own sick leave.

Rather than spending most of their time writing certificates for workers who already know they're ill, GPs should be tending to people who need it most.


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