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To: The Australian National University

PARSA Home Away from Home Petition

It is the responsibility of the university to provide primary support as students transition into the ANU.

Based on the findings of the 2018 Accommodation Survey, PARSA calls on the Australian National University to make the following commitments to address the accommodation challenges of incoming postgraduate students at the ANU:

Policy: On-campus accommodation for postgraduate students in their first year of study should be guaranteed

Stakeholder relationships: The University should build relationships with trusted realtors to provide a dedicated amount of student off-campus accommodation

The ANU should work with the ACT Government to develop fair and reasonable occupancy terms, and strong enforcement of these occupancy terms

Infrastructure investment: A commitment to developing family-friendly on-campus accommodation, additional to what is currently planned, ensuring:

Early consultation with PARSA to ensure the views of postgraduate students particularly affected by accommodation issues, such as student parents, are met; and

Reasonable construction timelines.

Administrative reform: A commitment to aligning offer timelines with accommodation deadlines with:

Allocated on-campus accommodation spaces for students receiving late offers; and

Appropriate notice given to postgraduate students about on-campus offers where they are given sufficient time to find alternative accommodation when they are unsuccessful.

Information provision: Inform incoming students about the structures in place to support them when they are struggling such as PARSA’s Emergency Accommodation Assistance Program, Graduate Accommodation Bursaries and Emergency Graduate Accommodation Bursaries.

Why is this important?

PARSA provides students with information, advice and support to those relocating to Canberra, and offers emergency accommodation grants to students who require temporary accommodation due to unforeseen circumstances.

However, the association’s funds are limited, and should only be relied upon as a last resort for our members.

The results of the PARSA Accommodation Survey demonstrate the need for the ANU to acknowledge and respond to the concerns raised with prompt and meaningful action.



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