To: Daniel Andrews and victorian Government

Extend the West Coburg tram to turner st and beyond

Extend the West Coburg tram no 58 to Boundry Road Hadfield,to stop the tram queueing at the Melville Road /Bell street terminus and make it safer for transfer of passengers from ptc buses to trams.This would also reduce the car usage in Derby street and Turner and give better access to Fawkner Cemetery and possibly extend it along Boundry Road across Sydney road through Fawkner to K mart and Campbellfield

Why is this important?

To service people without reliable transport and motor cars, school students and all the Elderly in these transport negeleted areas.This is needed urgently now to give a viable transport link to the ROYAL MELBOURNE HOSPITABLE AND Womans hospitable and the cancer hospitable, plus the new trans port hub at the new grattan street underground station this was planned for 100 years ago and is desparatly needed now where are our northern pollies s.o.t.b