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To: Richard Owen - Chairman, ExxonMobil Australia (Esso)

ExxonMobil/Esso: Stop the UGLy greed!


I have learned of UGL's efforts to drive down the wages and conditions of maintenance workers at the Exxon Mobil onshore and offshore gas facilities at Longford, Victoria.

I am outraged at the sneaky and underhanded tactics your maintenance contractor UGL is using to cut workers' wages by up to 30 percent and implement harsh anti-family shift rosters.

• You need to stop attacking the wages and conditions of Gippsland workers.
• You need to stop the drive to sign up workers to a dodgy agreement that was never negotiated with the local workforce.
• You need to negotiate with workers and their unions to ensure a fair deal is put in place.

Why is this important?

Esso's parent company Exxon Mobil is the 6th biggest company in the world. Despite their huge wealth and soaring profits, the company isn’t paying any tax in Australia.

Now they’re trying to cut the wages of the workers to raise their profits even higher.

The wages and conditions of hundreds of maintenance workers in southeastern Victoria are being cut by Exxon Mobil’s contractor UGL in an underhanded effort to squeeze out a few extra dollars in profit at the expense of a regional community already hit hard by job losses.

Exxon Mobil is allowing UGL to cut workers’ wages and conditions by shifting workers at the Bass Strait onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities onto a subsidiary company, MTCT, with an unrepresentative agreement and lower pay.

This MTCT agreement, signed by just five workers on the other side of the country would see workers face:
- 30 per cent pay cuts
- Offshore allowances reduced
- Annual leave reduced
- Loadings significantly cut
- Harsh anti-family shift roster that could see workers move from one week on and one week off, to five weeks on and one week off.

It’s a real kick in the guts to the local workers and the whole Gippsland community that is already reeling from huge job losses in the region.

Exxon Mobil and UGL are making a mockery of Australia’s Fair Work Act, evading their responsibilities to workers and the community.

We can’t let multinationals get away with treating local workers like this.
It must stop.

How it will be delivered

We will hand this over to Richard Owen the next time he is in front of the Australian Parliament.

Reasons for signing

  • These guys work less than half a year, for more the double the median wages. How about sharing the wealth amongst others and truly reflect who is the Greedy one!
  • We need Family roster
  • Too many arsehole bosses lining their pockets with our wages. Don't see to msny of them taking a pay cut...!


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