To: Transport for NSW. NSW Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

'Fare' Go for Sydney Airport Workers

'Fare' Go for Sydney Airport Workers

Help us send a message to the NSW Government. Sign the Petition calling for the removal of the Airport Station Access Fee for Sydney Airport workers.

Workers at Sydney Airport who travel to work by train are paying an outrageous fee of $25 per week on top of their normal train fare. This fee is known as the Airport Station Access Fee and is basically a $1,200 per year penalty imposed by the NSW Government on people who work and choose to use public transport at Sydney Airport

Why is this important?

Members of the Transport Workers’ Union are running this petition for all workers across the airport. Those who spend their work day servicing the needs of airlines at Sydney’s busy international and domestic airline terminals are standing together to make sure the unfair Airport Station Access Fee is scrapped.

This fee is neither appropriate nor effective to airport motor vehicle congestion, it is deterring people from catching the train to work. Now it seems the traffic congestion around Sydney Airport is worse than ever.

There is precedent in place that makes the removal of the fee an easy decision for the NSW Government. When a former government removed the Access Fee from Mascot Station, passenger numbers doubled.

No other group of workers in NSW have to pay an additional fee simply to catch the train to work.

How it will be delivered

The Transport Workers Union will ensure that the detail Transport for NSW. NSW Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Reasons for signing

  • Why the added cost for Sydney airport crew's. Fair's fair.
  • I think it's a rip off for me to pay every week this toll.., costing me nearly 40 bucks for weekly travel to airport.
  • to give airport workers a fare go


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